The king of Liaozhai in the vernacular

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Li Xin was a gambler, sleeping during the day, when he suddenly saw his former gambler friend Wang Da. Feng Jiu came and invited Li Xin to gamble with him.Li Xin also forgot that they had died several years ago. He was already a ghost and gladly followed them.After leaving the village, Wang Da invited Zhou Ziming, who lived in the same village, and Feng Jiu led Li Xin to the temple in the east of the village.After a while, Zhou Ziming and Wang Da came together.Feng Jiu took out the cards and agreed good gambling rules.Li Xin said, “In such a hurry, I didn’t bring any money with me, and I failed to live up to everyone’s warm invitation. What can I do?”Zhou Ziming also said so.Wang Da said: “Swallow Valley huang eight officials, lending money, we go to borrow money, he will certainly agree.”So all four went forth together.Wandering walk, to a large village.There were houses in the village. Wang pointed to a door and said, “This is the home of Huang Childe.”Out of an old servant, Wang told the purpose.The old servant went in at once.After a while, the old servant came out again and invited Wang Da and Li Xin to meet him at the command of Huang Childe.Go in to see childe, see this person is eighteen or eighteen years old, smiling, amiable.Then he took out a thousand copper coins strung with string and handed them to Li Xin, saying, “Knowing that Mr. Li is always honest and honest, it doesn’t hurt to lend you the money.But I don’t trust Zhou Ziming.”Wang pleaded for Zhou Ziming.Huang childe asked Li Xin to sign on Zhou Ziming’s iou, but Li Xin did not agree.Wang Da encouraged Li Xin to agree to be the guarantor.Huang took out another thousand copper coins and handed them to Li Xin.They took the copper coins and went out and gave them to Zhou Ziming. They told Zhou Ziming what Huang had just said to encourage him to pay back the money.Walk out of the valley, see a woman head on, is the wife of Mr. Zhao in the village, Zhao’s wife usually like fighting, good at name-calling.Feng Jiu said, “There is no one here. This woman is used to bullying. She should be punished.”He seized zhao’s wife and returned to the valley.Zhao’s wife shouted, Feng Jiu grabbed a handful of soil, stuffed into zhao’s wife’s mouth.Zhou Ziming praised her and said, “Such a woman should be punished by putting short, hard logs in her private parts.”Feng Jiu took off zhao’s trousers and put long stones into her private part.Zhao’s wife was tortured to the point that she seemed to die. Then they left and returned to the temple to gamble happily.From noon to midnight, Li Xin beat Feng Jiu and Zhou Ziming.Li Xin then took out the money and gave it to Wang Da with interest. He asked Wang Da to replace him and gave it to Huang Childe.Wang gave zhou Ziming and Feng Jiu the money li Xin had used to pay off his debts, and the four of them began gambling again.Before long, hearing the uproar of people, a man ran in and said, “Town god” s lords have sent men to arrest you personally. Now they are at the door!”The four men were aghast.Li Xin dropped the copper coins and climbed over the wall to escape.The other three were arrested for refusing to give up their money.Out of the temple, as expected to see a god, sitting high horse, horse tied behind more than 20 gamblers.It was not yet day, and they reached the gate of the city, which opened and entered.To the yamen, chenghuang lords south and sit, call the prisoners forward, take the book, one by one roll call.When the roll call was over, they were sent to cut off the middle fingers of the gamblers with a sharp axe;Then he drew two circles around the prisoner’s eyes, in black ink and in red ink, and paraded him three times around the market place.The officers who escort the prisoners through the streets, ask for bribes, get the money, and then they wash the red and black circles out of the prisoners’ eyes.They all bribed the yamen, but Zhou Ziming refused, saying he was penniless;The yamen said he could send Zhou Ziming home and give him money, but Zhou Ziming still refused.Pointing at Zhou ziming, the government officer scolded him: “You are really an iron bean. You can’t even fry it in a pot. You don’t know what is going on!”And she walked away.Zhou Ziming stepped out of the gate and wet his sleeves with saliva, wiping the black and red circles around his eyes as he walked.When he came to the river, the red circle and the black circle were still there.Pick up the water in the river, carefully wipe, black circle red circle seems to penetrate the skin, completely wipe not to drop, only regret home.Before, zhao’s wife had to go back to her mother’s house. It was getting dark and she hadn’t returned yet.The husband, Mr. Zhao, went to meet him on the road. When they reached the mouth of the valley, they saw his wife lying on the roadside.Seeing his wife’s face, he knew that she had met a ghost. He took the lump of mud out of his mouth and carried his wife home.Zhao’s wife gradually woke up and could speak. She knew there was something in her private part and pulled out the stone slowly.Then she told her husband what had happened.Mr. Zhao was so angry that he went to the county government and sued Li Xin and Zhou Ziming.When the officer went to the house with the arrest document, Li Xin woke up from a dream.Zhou Ziming was still asleep, as if dead.The magistrate then thought that the two people were at home, there was no time to do the case, that Mr Zhao falsely accused Li Xin, Zhou Ziming two people, beat Mr Zhao a whip, to zhao wife put on shackles, the couple can not plead.The next day, Zhou Ziming woke up, his eyes suddenly turned red on the left and black on the right, Shouting that his middle finger hurt.A careful look at the bones and tendons have broken, only the outer skin is still connected to bones and tendons, a few days later, even the skin also dropped.Red circles around the eyes, black circles, deep into the skin.All the neighbors laughed when they saw him.One day, he saw Wang Da come to collect his debt.Zhou Ziming snapped that he had no money, Wang left angrily.Family inquiries, only to know the story.We all think ghosts heartless, advised Zhou Ziming must repay.Zhou Ziming gnashed his teeth and firmly disagreed, saying: “Now even in the sun, the magistrate protects those who are in debt, and the underworld should be the same. Let alone gambling debts, don’t worry!”The next day, two ghosts came to tell him that Huang had filed a complaint against Zhou Ziming for not paying back the money and was now coming to arrest him and bring him to court.Li Xin also saw the ghost coming and said he would invite him to be a witness. Li Xin and Zhou Ziming died at the same time.Soul in the village outside the minister, Wang Da, Feng Nine are in.Li Xin said to Zhou Ziming, “Mr. Zhou still has red and black eyes. Dare you go to see the official?”Zhou Ziming then told Li Xin about his previous experience.Knowing that Zhou was stingy, Li Xin said, “Since you have no conscience, let me go to See Huang Childe and repay the money for you.”So they went to the door of Huang Childe’s house.Li Xin went in and told Huang that he was willing to pay zhou ziming’s debt.However, Huang disagreed and said, “It is Zhou Ziming who owes the money. How can I expect you to pay me back?”Li Xin went out again and told Zhou Ziming about Huang’s objection. The four of them planned to raise money and lend Zhou Ziming money so that he could repay the debt.Zhou Ziming more aggrieved, also have more words to huang Childe affront.Ghost bad this just grabbed Zhou Ziming to go to together, did not lead long, to the yamen, go in to see the town god Lord.”Zhou Zi – Ming, you rogue thief!The red and black eyes are still there, and now you owe money!””Huang deliberately lent money, opened a casino and enticed people to gamble. That’s why I got punished and injured,” Zhou said.City god master shout huang domesservant person come forward, angry way: “your host left hand open casino, right hand lend money, lure others to gamble, but also collect debt?”The servant said, “When they came to borrow the money, my son didn’t know it was for gambling.Childe lives in swallow Valley, four of them gambling in guanyin temple, and was captured, two places separated by more than ten miles.Childe has never opened a casino.”The town god again said to Zhou Ziming, “You did not pay back the money you borrowed, and you used unreasonable words to falsely accuse others!You are as impudent as can be!”He was about to be whipped.Zhou ziming also accused Huang of high interest rates.City god’s master asked again: “How much money did you return?”Zhou Ziming replied, “I haven’t paid you a cent.”City god master anger way: “the principal has not returned, and here chatter endlessly say interest is too high?I don’t think you’ll be honest.”They ordered him to be beaten thirty times and immediately sent him back to raise money to pay the debt.The two ghosts escorted Zhou Ziming to the door, asking for bribes, not to let him immediately resurrected, zhou Ziming tied up in the toilet, let him dream to his family.The family then burned twenty bundles of paper money, and when the fire went out, they saw that the ashes had become twenty ounces of silver and two thousand coins in copper.Zhou Ziming then took out two hundred silver coins to repay the principal and interest, and another two thousand copper coins to bribe Ghost Chai, who let him go home.After Zhou Ziming woke up, the abscess on his buttocks bulged and the pus and blood flowed out. It took several months to heal.Later zhao’s wife dared not swear;And Because zhou Ziming lost a middle finger, and double black eyes, and the same as before.Seeing Zhou Zi Ming is like seeing a ghost, so I know that gamblers are not human.Yi Shi shi said, “A lot of injustice in the world is caused by overcorrection by officials.Before the rich usurp the good family children with usury, people only dare to anger dare not speak;Otherwise, even if you go to the government, the officials are only favoring the rich.In the past, therefore, local officials were nothing more than the servants of the rich.When the later sage, considering the disadvantages of the previous, all overturned.Mr. Wang borrowed a lot of money from the rich Mr. Zhou, and made a fortune in business. He wore luxurious clothes, drank wine and ate meat, built tall buildings at home and bought fertile farmland.Mr. Wang forgot where the money for his business came from.As soon as Mr. Zhou came to ask for money, Mr. Wang turned on him angrily.When Mr. Zhou reported him to the government, the officials said, ‘I am not a servant of your rich family.’And ignored it.Such officials are just like the lazy monks of the Tang Dynasty, who have no time to change themselves for the sake of the common people.I once said that the former officials fawned on the rich, but today’s officials are ridiculous;Officials who flatter the rich are guilty;But to the rich wronged, ignore the absurd officials, is really hateful.Isn’t it just good for the rich to lend money at a meagre rate?”Kangxi twenty-five years, Mr. Zhang Shinian in Zichuan county magistrate, most hate gambling.Once the gambler was caught, he was paraded through the streets with his face painted, just as the underworld painted black and red circles around the eyes of gamblers.Certainly also won’t be apt to cut off gambler’s middle finger, nevertheless Zhang Shinian holds office during zichuan county magistrate, gambler is extinct indeed.The original Mr. Zhang Shinian as an official, is very proficient in hook and cable concealment method.Whenever he was busy processing official documents, someone would come to the court to complain. As long as zhang Shinian was free, he would ask the person’s home address, age, number of family members and what occupation he did in detail.After the questioning, Zhang Shinian persuaded the man to go back for one day. Mr. Sun paid his taxes and handed in the tax form. Thinking that he had nothing to do, he presented the form and was about to leave.Zhang Shinian stopped Mr. Sun and questioned him in detail as above. When he had finished, he said, “Why do you gamble?”Mr. Sun argued, saying,” The little man has never gambled in his life, nor can he.”Zhang Shinian smile way:” your waist still hide gambler, how to say can’t bet?”The yamen came forward and found gambling instruments.Everyone saw this, zhang Shinian as a god, but do not know how he did it.