At the end of the year, he won 5 awards in a row, one drama blew up one role, but Xiao Zhan was still stuck in “elected”.

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The Spring Festival movies are also a beautiful scenery during the Spring Festival. Although none of them have been seen, they have already smelled the “blood smell”. It is not too much to describe them as “fighting and killing”, especially on the first day of their release, only the Spring Festival movies dare to compete with the spring night.It is predictable that these films will become regular guests at the relevant hot Film Awards in 2022, which is a necessary part of the process.Suddenly, I thought of the Golden Rooster Awards, which will be held at the end of 2021. Instead of talking about guests, I said that the official award ceremony has not been held yet. As a result, the title of the award has been modified on the encyclopedia.Of course, the audience participation of these awards is not high, just waiting for congratulations.The movie circle is not easy to mix, the TV circle is not easy to mix.Recently weTV, which saw goose Factory, released a tweet on the social platform, which won the news of best works and best actors and actresses in Thailand, among which “Douruo Continent” starring Xiao Zhan won the awards of best drama and best actor.It is hard to remember how many awards Xiao Zhan has won overseas. It often makes people wonder why he can gain such high popularity overseas, just like an existence born out of nowhere, since xiao Zhan has no overseas debut experience and has few overseas business activities.Popularity abroad, there is no domestic popularity awards in so many curved around, in order to do the rain of segmentation problem in the field of the subjects and even, movies, TV shows, concerts, etc., classify, put all the top three in the last column officer xuan, do not know the thought of result is the same, to know the result, is far apart.Say nothing else, is 2021 micro blog TV drama awards, playing really is more and more boring.But still want to pick up the point, xiao Zhan in this activity, the two works, one is “Douluo continent”, the other is a performance, drama “Dream like a dream”, respectively won the annual popular drama and annual popular performance.Xiao Zhan in the former as the male number one Tang Three, the latter also played the male number five patients.Both of them have received good discussion, not to mention TV dramas, but also small drama circles have received broken feedback.Conducted at the same time on Weibo KING&QUEEN selection activity, according to the number of votes of the two works of Xiao Zhan, do not have to pinch the count, but also know that the KING winner is still Xiao Zhan.In a short month, Xiao Zhan won the popularity award, all from the work, Thailand’s best drama & AMP;The three awards came from “Douruo Continent” and “A Dream like a Dream”. KING of Weibo certainly couldn’t leave the popularity brought by these works to Xiao Zhan. Xiao Zhan took home all five personal popularity awards.If you dwell on these awards, also seems to have nothing to say, the best actor is the goose factory international edition video of a port, do not tell what problem, but we from these awards, can see one thing in common, that is xiao war a lot better than the word of mouth reputation abroad than domestic, foreign expression recognition way is through shaw war work, there is no other channels.There is the most important one in common, that is, xiao Zhan won the honor, all come from the same direction, that is the most primitive “elected”.All fans vote out of the results (not sure if the overseas award is not so), if all the votes to Xiao Zhan are fans, that can only say that the number of these fans on the advantage of the whole male artists within the entertainment, can insist on a month of persistent voting, it is difficult to find the second.Xiao Zhan from 2019 to now, has been the third year, popularity has not changed the status quo because of low-key.From the year of the Tiger around the Spring Festival, what Xiao Zhan encountered, only a party stirred up all the social platforms are lively, this strong black and red constitution, also difficult to find another.Shaw is scarce in the film now, three years, from wei without envy, tang 3 and 5, a wild, even male 2 sprints, basically is the ability to keep a play a role, if must use acting to look at, in the words of central China drama Wang Keran, shaw war has pass the exam, but why until now still stay in the stage of “elected”!Looking at the entertainment industry, how many people can withstand the same kind of criticism and scrutiny as Xiao Zhan?Don’t say fans, just say Xiao Zhan.While the world berates others with sky-high standards from the perspective of God, it automatically ignores its own mediocrity.Sometimes watching Xiao zhan survive in the entertainment industry is like a version of “Snow White” or “Cinderella” (there is no feminine meaning), existence is threat.Entertainment it is indeed like a “big family”, but “stepmother” is also a lot of, more groups.Is there a prince?Of course, Xiao zhan’s “prince” is himself, his works, or the “prince” composed by thousands of fans for him. With the capital of “elected people” and confrontation, “elected people” is the most scarce in the entertainment industry today.# # shaw war