Do you know any scenic spots worth visiting in Taiyuan?Follow my lead

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Do you know any scenic spots worth visiting in Taiyuan?Follow my footsteps and see!1, Qinglong ancient town was selected as the national traditional ancient village, one of the province’s top ten new tourist attractions, the history of Qinglong from the emperor there horizontal writing of the “million rope” wang Rope, Sun Yat-sen Alliance member Wang Shichang, there are yuntong, special wenlin Lang,The ministry of household member Wailang, the ministry of arms member Wailang, the Academician academy compilation, inspection department governor, imperial college records, chief secretary li asked, inspection, teachers, learning is, official way is Zhili, henan, Shandong, Guangdong and other places.2, loufan county, taiyuan, genting hill is highest altitude landform, the landscape’s most beautiful natural landscape, the most abundant natural ecological tourist mecca of wild fauna and flora, below are dense virgin forest, scenic area of about 40000 mu, here is the QingShanXiuShui waterfall, fountain, valley streams, towering ancient trees, grass and beautiful scenery of the longshan agglutinate the essence of more than thousand years of history,Everywhere is full of a trace of fairy, the legend of the boy in the Boy temple, the legend of the eight immortals and so on is to add many incredible colors to Longshan, a mountain, a stone, a wood are covered with brilliant luster, the meaning of philosophy, rich cultural connotation.In Taiyuan if you have not been to these places, it is really a pity, I hope everyone can have the opportunity to experience one!