First apply quality inspection: what will be the impact of not handling eurodai?

2022-06-24 0 By

Since last year, products exported to the EU must have the information of Europa before they can be sold in the EU. Products without Europa will be classified as illegal.Now the traditional offline and online CE products sold to the EU have to go through the European Commission, which has become the key to export to the EU.The exporter needs to identify a compliance contact person within the EU before the product is shipped.The EU now requires products to be represented in Europe, on the one hand, to better guarantee product safety, and on the other hand, to facilitate communication in subsequent sales, and to quickly find appropriate people to solve risk problems.CE products exported now also need to be stamped with the name and address information of EUROdai, and Eurodai will keep the technical documents in the CE certification of products, and submit them in time when required by the regulatory authorities in the EU.Eu attaches great importance to product safety and will issue different regulations to restrict products. Exporters need to pay attention to the latest requirements of products.From: