LNG let AL, Doinb and then show in the single understanding, almost played the streak ended

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The LPL spring tournament has come to the fifth week, and LNG team is the only unbeaten team in the whole LPL division. Doinb’s joining LNG and Tarzan has demonstrated its value and effect, which is worthy of the evaluation of the outside world that Doinb is a middle player with his own system.In a recent LNG match, Doinb seemed to be impetuous. He showed his understanding of the middle and played with the old team AL, which almost ruined the winning rhythm of LNG team. However, it was this match that showed the existence of LNG team has more infinite possibilities because of Doinb sitting in the seat.LNG vs AL in bo3, you can see that Doinb didn’t take AL as a normal LPL player.The three games featured Saber, Zeri, and Aeroplane. Based on the heroes Doinb had won in previous games, this time, Doinb’s style changed from “tool man” to “carry center”.The main breakthrough of the first loss to LNG was that he chose the meat knife girl crazy show to understand, but his wisdom was mistakenly clever. He could have played two games firmly to end the BO3, but forced all LNG staff to work overtime to finish the match.In the first game, the two sides were in the lineup of BP. LNG was intended to give light and Arlo enough room to play on the premise that Doinb chose the meat blade girl. Tarzan’s kyaukmoon second piece of equipment was chosen to cooperate with Titan to melt the back of AL, so that Arlo’s Gwen could pursue without any concern in the frontal battlefield.What LNG didn’t expect was that Doinb was a zero in this battle, his six consecutive kills weren’t enough to support him with Tarzan’s Kyauk moon, and the duo of AL Kennan and Ruizi didn’t give LNG a chance at all.The biggest disadvantage of the meat pack is the lack of the output end before the equipment is formed, which also leads to AL Venture taking the initiative to open the canyon and strike a group. Under the condition that the next LNG Zeli and Titan have no advantage in the early stage of the line, the whole LNG vanguard group loses the initiative in the two waves canyon, which directly leads to the collapse of all the LNG outer towers.Then LNG pin their hopes on a wild area invasion to getting the chance to catch, but was promptly rushed to the troops and Kennan squatting, LNG rhythm of the whole office was completely AL, meat with knife younger sister in the appearance appears very “stupid”, exactly zero, positive battlefield combat effectiveness and online support effect is inferior to forge the ritz, eventually sent the victory of the first inning.In the second game LNG took zeli, thought it was for the emperor, until LNG brought out Jinx, AL didn’t realize it was fooled, but no wonder AL, after all, Zeli was the first LPL player of the season to make her debut as zeli.After Doinb got Zeli, it played very strong on the line, which led the whole LNG to have a strong aggressive style in the early stage. Tarzan focused on the road in the early stage, And Kenan of Arlo won the line right from Gwen of ZDZ. Through the line right advantage of upper Nakano, LNG actively opened.Then in the frontal battle, Doinb’s Zeri had no limitations, AL’s front row health bar was as thin as paper in front of her, and LNG took the lead in the second round.The match came to the tiebreaker, LNG picked Zeri, and this gave light a chance to play, doinb picked Rayze of aircraft line Forge, and this time Tarzan and Doinb played Zeri at the bottom.In the early stage, the green hair gave full play to zeli’s pulling ability to get the line kill. Then the green hair made full vision in the lower half field, without giving ZDZ any chance to avoid the sight circle in the small dragon group. Light fired full power in the first wave of the small dragon group, laying a victory for LNG.However, in the middle period, AL was still trying to fight back, but LNG had zali, the hero who supported the crazy pull. Although LNG did not have the advantage in the number of LNG players, deng Huang combined with Tarzan’s pull to beat AL’s entire team. LNG made full use of Kenji’s line advantage in the late stage, and ended the match through tai Lung buff line and positive group battle.Through this bo3 match, we can see doinB’s alternative understanding of the middle road. It is a great innovation that DOinB dares to open up a new way to choose Shan Zeli. The adjustment of LNG’s countermeasures and ideas in the face of the dilemma is the root of LNG’s seven consecutive defeats.Doinb command ability is beyond reproach, plus Tarzan arrived the dominance of the opposition area, now really difficult to find out in the LPL division more flawless than LNG team, but before Doinb play her own mature, also can take some rest, if the response to the whole flower live, may be the LNG end winning streak end point in time.