Lv Qinglan: Where sincerity is directed, the breeze comes naturally

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“Cross-major postgraduate guarantee, won the national scholarship, twice first-class academic scholarship, published SCI papers as the first author, has a real examination of the invention patent, won the Jiangsu Province Challenge Cup competition silver award……”From nothing, she is down-to-earth, diligent and idealistic. From confusion and ignorance about her graduate career at the beginning, she became confident, firm and skillful. She encouraged herself all the way, gradually faded her youth and finally became an excellent and mature learner of scientific research.”‘ Ordinary ‘, ‘persistent’, ‘active’ and ‘brave’, I don’t have any special talent, but just stick to these simple and valuable qualities and habits.”For Lv Qinglan, who was weak in professional theoretical knowledge and insufficient in experimental skills at the beginning, her postgraduate career will undoubtedly be full of unknown and challenges.For scientific research of science and engineering, like many people, she was not sure whether she could devote herself to the day-to-day experimental work in the laboratory.No matter the theoretical level, experimental skills or psychological preparation, everything seemed to fall short of her ideal standard and expectation when she just entered the postgraduate career. As she said, “I was ignorant at the beginning of my postgraduate career”.However, for the positive optimistic, determined lv Qinglan, she firmly believes that this is only temporary.About the lack of professional skills, she took “not escape the difficulties and have the courage to accept new things” mentality, pertinence of learning and study period through consulting a large number of professional books, browse the high quality of SCI literature to make up for their own theory knowledge, and to the problem of experimental skills of her elder sister in a timely manner to the students of the laboratory or consult.Of course, in Lv Qinglan’s opinion, in addition to the relevant knowledge of this major, the knowledge of other professional fields also need to have a certain understanding, so as to have a broad mind in professional learning.Through continuous accumulation, Lv Qinglan also gradually realized her interest in scientific research, and realized some advantages and disadvantages in this aspect, and actively made adjustments.Do scientific research, do an experiment to need a powerful heart, should resist temptation already, break away from impetuous and noisy, also want bold and careful, dare to innovate, apparently, Lv Qinglan is to stand the test.In the two and a half years of postgraduate career, no matter she stayed up all night to do experiments, participated in various competitions, or published SCI papers, it is self-evident that she was difficult, boring, and complicated. However, she never flinched, and always kept her original intention, determined and marched forward bravely.”I think I am a very ordinary person. I am not a scientific research tycoon, with SCI and numerous patents.I’m not a time expert, I’m good at intersection, and then I have endless competitions.But I can stick to myself in the ordinary, do what I think is right.I have the courage to accept new things, try new things, and constantly be a better version of myself.”· “Be a well-rounded person and stick to the things you love.”In life, Lu Qinglan is a person who loves to make fun and laugh. She is completely opposite to the rigorous and quiet state of scientific research. She has a wide range of interests and likes to participate in activities.No matter in some student union departments, sports events, volunteer activities, or some professional related forums, Lv Qinglan has been involved.Attends the marathon volunteer to participate in the sports meeting (second from left) new volunteers U – RUN (second from right) Lv Qinglan both persistent and specificity of scientific research, also has a passion for life and vigor, as she said, to do a comprehensive development of people, not only in the professional study must have the good result, also want to develop their interest and knowledge.Lv Qinglan is now preparing for a doctoral examination in a university in Beijing. As a child who dreamed of becoming a teacher, it is a good choice for her to pursue a doctoral degree in scientific research and strive for a position in a university.Scientific research and teachers are their own interests and ideals, Lv Qinglan hopes to rely on their own efforts, straight to go on with their ideals.Lv qinglan also has some advice for those preparing for the postgraduate entrance exam: “I think first of all, you should fully understand yourself, consider whether you are suitable for scientific research or other things, make a career plan in advance, and don’t muddle-through your postgraduate career.Secondly, I think we should learn to settle ourselves, make short-term and long-term learning and scientific research plans and goals for ourselves, and make continuous efforts to settle ourselves slowly, do not be impetuous.Last but not least, I think it is important to develop yourself in an all-round way. In addition to scientific research, you should develop your own interest, participate in more competitions, club activities and volunteer activities, which will improve your ability in all aspects.”Email: Copyright © 2014-2021 New Media Studio, Jiangnan University.