Over the past three years, the state has saved more than 260 billion yuan by organizing intensive mining

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People’s Daily Overseas Edition Beijing February 11 (reporter Zhou Shuyun) reporters from today’s routine briefing on The State Council policy was informed:Since 2018, the National Medical Insurance Administration, in collaboration with relevant departments, has promoted the reform of purchasing with quantity of drugs and high-value medical consumables centering on purchasing with quantity. After three years of efforts, the reform of centralized purchasing with quantity has entered a new stage of normalization and institutionalization. Up to now, six batches of drugs have been purchased with quantity, with a total of 234 kinds of drugs.The amount involved accounted for 30% of the total annual drug procurement of public medical institutions.”At present, national organization and alliance procurement has formed a normal pattern, and the guarantee mechanism and supporting policies of collective procurement bidding regulation, quality, supply, distribution and use are increasingly perfect and optimized.”Chen Jinfu, deputy director of the National Healthcare Security Administration, said, “In terms of the results, centralized procurement rules have been improved, quality supervision has been stricter, supply has been more stable, and consumption policies have been improved, showing a trend of ‘lower prices, higher volumes and better quality’.”First, prices will return to a reasonable level, which will benefit the people.In the first six batches of drugs, centralized procurement dropped by an average of 53%, cardiac stents by an average of 93%, and artificial hip and knee joints by an average of 82%, effectively squeezing the space for inflated prices.The cumulative results of the reform over the past three years show that the state has saved more than 260 billion yuan by organizing intensive procurement.The overall drug price showed a steady and decreasing trend. According to the drug price monitoring data carried out by the Medical Insurance Bureau, the overall drug price continued to decline in 2019 and 2021, reaching about 7% annually.Secondly, the quality of drugs and consumables for clinical use has been steadily improved, and the demand for clinical services has been fully released.Statistically speaking, among the centralized procurement varieties, the share of the original drugs used by the masses and the drugs evaluated by consistency of quality and efficacy increased from 50% to more than 90%.For example, the use of imatinib in Dying to Survive has increased to 35% after intensive collection, ensuring that patients in need of treatment are fully guaranteed to take medicine.Third, promote the formation of fair competition, quality assurance and innovation-driven industry development pattern.Through open and transparent, fair and just competition, it has gradually improved the market-led price formation mechanism in the pharmaceutical field, guided enterprises to strengthen quality and cost control, actively carried out product research and development and consistency evaluation, and brought the pharmaceutical industry into the track of high-quality development through innovation drive and quality assurance.Finally, the “linkage of the three medical institutions” is promoted. Through intensive purchase of medical insurance funds, including prepayment of medical insurance, a series of measures for the internal management of medical institutions and high-quality development of public medical institutions are strongly promoted.As for the next step, Chen jinfu said that the National Medical Insurance Administration will carry out regular and institutionalized procurement of drugs and high-value medical supplies.Specifically, it includes three aspects.First, we will consolidate the new normal and accelerate and expand the scope of collective production.Drug collection is carried out in three major sectors: chemical medicine, Chinese patent medicine and biological medicine. High-value medical consumables focus on orthopedic consumables, drug balloons, dental implants and other varieties.By the end of 2022, through national organization and provincial alliance procurement, each province will cover an average of more than 350 drug varieties, and more than 5 high-value medical consumables, making it a new normal of collective procurement, so as to stabilize social expectations and industry ecology.Second, we need to shape a new ecology.Through continuous improvement of measures, especially the supply, quality, credit and other related factors into the collective procurement rules, from the system and mechanism to purify the ecological environment of pharmaceutical circulation, that is, to cure the gold sales, purify the industry ecology, so as to encourage enterprises to regulate competition, promote the regulation of the circulation industry.Third, build a new landscape.We will improve the functions of the pharmaceutical centralized procurement platform, accelerate the standardization, standardization and professional construction of the platform, improve the level of pharmaceutical price management, and promote the high-quality development of the pharmaceutical industry and medical institutions through the coordination of policies of multiple departments.At the same time, we will more effectively reduce the burden on the people and help achieve common prosperity.People’s Daily Overseas Edition (02 Edition on February 12, 2022)