Qingdao City Sports takes many measures to prepare for the “school opening season” and warm students to go out

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“School season” is coming, Qingdao City Transport Holding Group’s buses and school buses strictly eliminate the measures, scientific adjustment of transport capacity, highlight the warm service, multiple measures to ensure the safety and smooth travel of students escort.On the eve of the opening of the school, shinan Bus Company, a public transportation group, made a preliminary prediction of the passenger flow situation on the opening day according to the passenger flow data of previous years.According to the epidemic prevention and control situation, the staff combined with the height of students and the characteristics of activities, the key parts of the carriage to focus on elimination, woven tight and dense safety travel protection net.On the opening day, Shinanbus will set up “nursing posts” at important stations around the school, such as Fushun Road, Renmin Road, Yan ‘an Road, Yan ‘an Road, Ningxia Road, Yongjia Road, etc., to record the passenger flow situation on the spot, adjust the capacity dynamically by combining online and offline methods, and serve waiting passengers.On this basis, the city south bus branch also launched to welcome the warmth of the school service.Route 321 has set up “school supplies emergency boxes” in some cars, which contain calculators, pencils, rulers and other school supplies as well as masks, free of charge for students and parents who need them.Route 104 theme bus, in the car posted safe travel knowledge, equipped with disinfectants and masks and other emergency supplies for passengers emergency use;The teachers and students of 2020 Innovation College of Qingdao No. 2 High School went into the fifth Branch of Shinan Bus to learn the knowledge of safe travel, visit all kinds of “black technology” of the new pure electric bus, feel the rapid development of green traffic in the island city, and express their gratitude to the frontline drivers for their warm service in the form of handwritten newspaper.The 7th Branch of Shibei Bus Group carried out comprehensive ventilation and disinfection of all buses in the bus station in advance on the morning of 15th, strictly implemented epidemic prevention measures, and did a good job of disinfection of the bus station and driving area, to ensure the public and teachers and students to travel.”In order to cope with the opening of the new semester, we have strengthened the disinfection and ventilation of the carriage, to densely populated areas, seats in the carriage, pull handrails, punches and other facilities and equipment parts of the depth of the thorough elimination, do not leave dead corners, no leakage blind areas.”375 road driver Liu Chong also in the carriage for the general public free of charge to prepare alcohol hand sanitizer, masks, disinfection wipes and other epidemic prevention items, in case passengers need.Wang Lei, secretary of the party branch of shibei Bus Seventh Branch, introduced that the school season is coming, the company will continue to strengthen epidemic prevention and control measures, to achieve “three continuous consolidation”, namely: continue to do a good job of the driver before entering and leaving the car temperature measurement, ventilation;Continue to do a good job in the operation of the driver to carry out the work of “one round, one check, one sweep, one disinfection”, keep the vehicle clean;Continue to clean and disinfect operating vehicles after collection.Consolidate and do a good job after the end of operation, sanitation dead corner, handrail disinfection cleaning work.Travel safety knowledge into the campus, simulation of real scene near the school season, to make students safe travel, civilization rides good habit, improve the students’ consciousness of road traffic safety, bus group have joint traffic police, school bus companies, has carried out “safety knowledge into campus” activity, by identifying bus blind area, watch the bus inside the wheel demonstration, safe escape exercises, such as form,Start spring nursing work to create a safer travel environment for students.At the scene of the activity, 20 students from Liaoyuan Road Primary School, under the leadership of Officer Zhang of the Fourth middle Road Squadron of Licang Traffic Police Brigade, stood around the bus body in an orderly way to experience the bus blind area.Different from previous safety classes, this activity added small cars as teaching props.”There are many blind spots when looking out of the driver’s cab. If you cross the road and stray into the blind spot of a bus, it will be very dangerous.”Zhang jinghe said that through this blind spot experience, he learned to identify the blind spots of cars.In the future, I will stay away from the vehicle on the way to school to avoid the harm caused by car blind spots.After the identification of the bus blind area activity, Zhang police officer into the carriage, for students and parents to explain the common traffic accident “open the door to kill”, “ghost probe” and other dangerous behavior.He reminded: at bus stops, intersections, signal lights, roads inside the community and other areas, the driver’s side of the line of sight is blocked to form a visual blind area, but at this time, pedestrians’ line of sight is also blocked by slow cars, then the “ghost probe” is easy to appear.In addition, whether driving or taking a taxi, to prevent “open the door to kill” hidden dangers, parking to open the door, be sure to use the farthest hand from the door to drive the door, side shoulder, head, micro drive the door carefully observed.”As students return to school, the traffic volume on the road will increase significantly.In this time node to organize the road traffic safety theme publicity activities, is conducive to the prevention of road traffic accidents, to ensure the safety of the public passengers.”The staff of Licang Bus Company said that after the new semester, the company will continue to do a good job in epidemic prevention and control, and at the same time, further strengthen safety education, increase the monitoring of vehicles in and out of the station near the school, guide the drivers to deal with all kinds of emergencies calmly, to ensure safe operation.School bus to fully prepared to epidemic prevention and safety operation, the beginning of the new term for a comprehensive new semester epidemic prevention and control, emergency preparedness, enhance school bus drivers and controllers according to the epidemic prevention and control and emergency disposal ability, toward the west coast students in the process of warm bus to bus vomiting, vehicle disinfection treatment of two drills subjects as the key point,The first quarter of 2022 epidemic prevention and control emergency drill was conducted at the parking lot of the South University of West Coast Municipal Engineering.The next step, city transport holdings transport west Coast warm school bus will continue to improve the emergency system construction, grasp grasp the epidemic prevention and control awareness of the staff and the school bus industry epidemic prevention and control work, to provide safe, warm, comfortable, thoughtful bus service for the majority of students.In order to ensure the safe operation of the school bus in the new semester, since the middle of February, transportation group Huangdao warm school bus began to prepare for the school, from people, cars, roads and other aspects of a detailed plan.Until February 14, huangdao warm bus company belongs to the school bus is complete safety check and vehicle maintenance, for the school bus steering system, braking system, monitoring system, seat belts, warning lights and other safety performance, safety and fire fighting equipment, first aid kit, and so on and so forth a detailed inspection maintenance, comprehensive screening of all kinds of potential safety hazard,Ensure the vehicle is in good technical condition to welcome students to school.