Taihe power supply against the wind and snow weather strengthen substation temperature inspection

2022-06-24 0 By

“The equipment runs stably without heating switch or knife switch,” said Xie Hao of the operation and maintenance team.January 26, Taihe power supply company little Red Hat communist party member service team temperature measurement team in the old county substation march patrol temperature measurement.As the Spring Festival approaching, accompanied by rain and snow load increases, for days, taihe little red riding hood communist party member service for the county electric power supply company and substations in touring temperature measurement, in order to better grasp the change situation of power supply load and temperature of the equipment, to eliminate the security hidden danger in the bud, stop caused by severe fever burn out equipment fault outage,The company set up a special temperature measurement team, in batches of substation temperature measurement work, a comprehensive grasp of equipment and line operating status and health level, to ensure the majority of residents in winter safe and reliable electricity.Temperature measurement in the process, “” summer peaks and last year in the” winter “peaks overload overloaded distribution area, planned the temperature patrol seriously, focusing on distribution circuit breaker, knife switches, transformers and JP tank equipment clamp connected to the pile head and low pressure outlet, electricity meter box was overheating, such as a detailed inspection, inspector completes the perfect and retained tour related information,Carefully sort out the problems and circuit defects found, and deal with them according to the defects and priority plan, so as to lay a foundation for the safe and reliable power grid of the jurisdiction and the stable operation of the power grid during the Spring Festival.Up to now, the company has sent out 80 night patrols, 20 vehicles, completed the temperature measurement of 29 35 kv substations and 2 110 kV substations in the county, inspected 63 transformers, found 20 serious defects, general defects 45 times.With the Spring Festival approaching, the company will continue to strengthen the inspection of key equipment, implement uninterrupted temperature measurement, closely monitor equipment, improve the safety and reliability of equipment, strengthen quality service and emergency repair, improve the safety factor of power equipment and power supply capacity, to ensure that the Spring Festival electricity without worry.(Liu Mengjie)