Who are the “poor performance” in university subject assessment?7 year old school 985 no A+ subjects?

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Project 985 universities are recognized by the society as having the strongest comprehensive strength, but some of them have poor performance in the subject evaluation.According to the results of the fourth discipline assessment, seven 985 universities have no A+ subjects.Three of them are from northeast China, with Nankai University the biggest surprise.Let’s see.First, Nankai University is A well-known ancient university with A high reputation in the fields of humanities and social sciences. In the fourth round of discipline evaluation, 14 disciplines of Nankai University entered the A category, including 5 A disciplines and 9 A disciplines. Unfortunately, there is no A+ discipline.Nankai university evaluation A’s five disciplines are respectively theory in economics, mathematics, chemistry, statistics, and business administration, is the famous nankai university disciplines, especially nankai university chemistry discipline evaluation in the third round of 90 points (the equivalent of A + levels), power second only to Peking University in the first round evaluation by tsinghua university, China university of science and technology,Jilin University, Xiamen University and Fudan University have also caught up.Generally speaking, The discipline strength of Nankai University is good, and it has played a relatively stable role in the previous four rounds of discipline evaluation, but there is still a certain gap in the outstanding aspect.You may have two impressions of Jilin University. One is that universities in northeast China are relatively cold. The other is that there are many campuses and the campus area is large.Jilin university evaluation of marxist theory and chemical two disciplines, but I don’t understand of jilin university, don’t know which, jilin university is the best discipline in this discipline evaluation, jilin university, the highest rated the most stable subject is chemistry, ranks the top five, marxist theory is not superior, into A class A university to 23, the gap between the school is very small.Although the advantages of jilin university discipline is not much, but good professional or a lot, especially in automotive engineering, leading in domestic university, Norman Bethune medical school also has certain popularity, only without the development, in addition, from jilin university administration business students, mostly from law and economics.3. Dalian university of technology as A forerunner of dalian university of technology is one of the four major engineering at the university of engineering of dalian university, is listed as A world class university class A construction, the engineering disciplines, well known throughout the country and the big, Harbin Institute of Technology and A lot of anyone, unfortunately, dalian university of technology of course not A + on the evaluation of the course,Only seven subjects are in the A category (2 AS and 5 As).From the point of the evaluation of science, dalian university of technology is A typical engineering university, six of the seven class A discipline of engineering or engineering related disciplines, especially in mechanical engineering, environmental science and engineering, etc., the national strength of the front, however, materials science, control science, machine, and most of the engineering science professional or medium level, not competitive.The predecessor of Northeastern University, Northeast Institute of Technology, is one of the time-renowned universities in northeast China. During the period of faculty adjustment in the 1950s, many specialties of Northeastern University were divided. The Department of Mathematics was changed into Jilin University, the Department of Physics was changed into Northeast Normal University, and the Department of Chemical Industry was changed into Dalian University of Technology.Now, Northeastern University is the same as Dalian Institute of Technology, as 985 universities in Liaoning Province, unfortunately there is no A+ subject, Northeastern University looks more lovely, only 4 subjects belong to A category, the school’s top control science and engineering majors are rated as A.Compared with dalian university of technology, Northeastern University, strength in the field of computer, software engineering, northeast China’s largest supercomputing center cloud computing science and technology industrial park is located in the northeast university school also get the favour of huawei, huawei and Northeastern University signed a strategic cooperation agreement, the two sides in the aspects such as artificial intelligence, 5 g, physical network launched in close cooperation.5. Chongqing university, chongqing university is A national key university directly under the Ministry of Education, is A national class A, building world-class university building university old one of eight yuan city university in 2000, chongqing university, chongqing construction college three merger formed A new chongqing university, mechanical and electrical, energy, materials, information, biology, due to the seriousness of the advantages of the management discipline,Architecture, civil engineering, environmental protection and other disciplines are all at the top of the country, but they are slightly worse than 985 universities.In the fourth round of the evaluation of discipline, chongqing university has three subjects into class A, respectively (A -) mechanical engineering, electrical engineering (A -), machine (A -) science and engineering, chongqing university and three pairs of first-class disciplines are self assessment, it is only in the double class A first-class university, chongqing university, as one of the eight school buildings, its architecture is embarrassed,In the third round, subjects received the lowest grade of the eight schools, and in the fourth round, subjects received no grade, but only a B+ level.Hunan University is one of the seven 985 universities not under the direct management of the Central Government. In the fourth round of discipline evaluation, five disciplines of hunan University were rated as A, namely Chemistry A-, Mechanical Engineering A-, Civil Engineering A-, Business Administration A-, and Design A-.Hunan University has no A+ subject, and its grade is not higher than that of Central South University, but its score is not lower than that of Central South University.Xinong 7. Northwest agriculture and forestry university of science and technology is the most complete in the following disciplines in higher agricultural college, since was established, the cumulative has cultivated more than 20 talents for the society, graduates from all over at home and abroad, 19 students to become a member of both houses for the northwest and even the national agricultural modernization construction and made great contributions to the development of rural economy and society.Unfortunately, in terms of subject evaluation, There is not A single A+ subject and only one subject has entered the A category. The total number of A category subjects in the university is the lowest among 985 universities, and most of the subjects are at the B+ level.Agriculture majors are not very popular, or because it is far from first-tier cities/provincial capitals and other reasons, the admission line of West Farmers is very low, not only some 211 universities are inferior, and some provinces are not first-class universities, it is really sorry.In this 7 A + 985 universities of discipline, Northeastern University, hunan university, northwest agriculture and forestry university of science and technology has been demoted to B class university, northwest agriculture and forestry university of science and technology, in particular, is the only class B university in university, but can’t, agricultural class discipline is not as popular as he used to be, the geographical position is not good, so it is difficult to have A bigger development.