Japan and the UK have joined forces to develop “world-leading” sensors for fighter jets that will give them a tripartite advantage in the air, sea and land

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The UK has announced that it will deepen its defence cooperation with Japan to advance its relationship, share access to truly advanced technology and ensure that both militaries remain at the forefront of military innovation.According to the Ministry of Defence, Britain and Japan will join forces to develop a “world-leading” fighter sensor that will give them an edge on land, sea and air, protecting their national security for decades to come.Have many specific plan about this project did not reveal, however, from the arrangement of the two sides signed the book can be a bit of information, first, this is the name JAGUAR “good news” radar system project, the project’s UK director is the Italian giants, leonardo defence group of British legal persons, with Japan’s strength in aviation,Even The chairman and chief executive of Leonardo Defence said: “This project brings together the best partners” to support the UK’s future air campaign.Second, the project is already planned to take only five years to develop, starting in April and ending in 2027, with a minimum investment of $2.7 billion over the next four years.To be honest, the timing is quite interesting. The US has hyped that 2027 is a critical year for the Taiwan Strait, so this move by the UK makes a bit of sense.One was that the head of the British project, Air Commodore Johnny Morton, said himself that in addition to the project, Britain was planning to develop a joint engine with Japan.Johnny Morton said it was “very exciting”, and it was previously revealed in the US that Japan and the UK had signed on to the core engine for the Future fighter, which was clearly not going to be easy.The other thing is that at the same time Britain and Japan were working together on an advanced long-range air-to-air missile.As the United States at the “loyalty”, the strongest sense of existing of the younger brother, Japan and the UK have long defence co-operation, but compared to formerly anodyne, Britain and Japan last year defense increasingly deepening, carrying out joint exercise is not to say, in July last year, the British also announced permanent deployment of two ships in Japan after September,Japan and the UK have said publicly that they will officially push forward the joint military training agreement and expand defense cooperation.This time, the two countries announced that they would work together to develop a “world-leading” fighter radar, which obviously has a big impact in the current situation.First, for Russia, Britain is inflaming a territorial dispute with Japan, and Ukraine is being held hostage by America and Britain.Japan but because America’s instructions, and their ambitions of small islands and Russia fighting again, before the British send weaponry to Ukraine, and Japan jointly develop fighter radars, this time also specially points out “the world’s leading”, “land, sea and air superiority”, “national security” of the three key, is this stick in Russia, the Russian pressure?Secondly, for China, the increasingly deep defense relationship between The UK and Japan clearly represents that the UK is likely to become an uncertain factor in the Asia-Pacific issues in the future. Therefore, for China and Russia, the cooperation between Japan and the UK must be cautious.(tu su)