Lucky 3D 22089 issue Wolf teeth reading gallbladder recommendation: gallbladder code, kill code

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3d drawing number: 261, and value 9, span 5, size ratio 1:2, parity ratio 1:2.Hundreds trend chart: the last 100 out 2, the size ratio of the last 10 5:5, parity ratio 3:7, analysis of the recent trend this issue concerns hundreds kill number: 0 2 3, this issue concerns large size hundreds recommend: 6 7 8.Ten place trend chart: ten place of 1, recent 10 issue size ratio 5:5, parity ratio 4:6, analysis of recent trends this issue concerns ten place kill number: 1 6 9, this issue concerns small size out number ten place recommendation: 0 2 3.Position trend chart: the position on the 6, the size ratio of the recent 10 5:5, parity ratio 6:4, analysis of the recent trend this issue is concerned about the ten kill number: 3, 4, 5, this issue is concerned about the large size of the digit recommendation: 6, 8, 9.This issue comprehensive analysis this issue blessing lottery 3D forecast good group six forms, large span, size ratio of 2:1, concern and value range is: 11-17, select a note 728.• Only color watch the exclusive manuscript, shall not be reproduced without permission.