Winter vacation at home, children must see 5 documentaries, children love to learn knowledge

2022-06-25 0 By

Winter vacation at home, children must see 3 classic documentaries, very good but also learn knowledge, than playing games 100 times stronger, these 3 online can be found, directly see.The Blue Planet:Known as the most beautiful in the history of documentary, the documentary, underwater photography time reached more than 6000 hours, the waves of the sea is like this: the fish in the water: lots and lots of fish: predator picture whole fish suddenly from magnetic male the documentary was very impressive, score close to 9.9 points, close to perfect, let the children learn about nature, to love the real world.The second part: Chinese plants affecting the world: it is called the divine science film of learning biology.It is the first documentary about plants in China. There are 30,000 kinds of plants in China, and the number is the third in the world. Through the documentary, children can understand 28 kinds of plant life stories.The third part: “Science big Experiment” : the documentary is basically doing experiments, or in the outdoors, the children like it very much.For example, laying more than 300 pieces of tableware on the table, using a racing car to pull the tablecloth, tableware will follow?Or does the cutlery stay where it is, and the experiment will tell the child.Videos can greatly stimulate children’s curiosity and exploration.If you found the above posts useful, please give me a thumbs up and follow me. The posts below are even better.