Zhao Liying’s early life photos were stripped, wearing a low collar squatting on a rock to play with water, collar wide open to provoke controversy

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Believe many people know, li-ying zhao hot searched again, at that time, there are many online posts about li-ying zhao, even li-ying zhao early pictures were stripped out and for a long time, li-ying zhao is a popular actress, her early pictures taken, nature also won’t lack of attention, just li-ying zhao dress collocation triggered controversy netizens,The wide neckline has become the focus of controversy among netizens.On March 30, an entertainment blogger posted a group of zhao Liying’s early life photos on the Internet, with the caption: “Zhao Liying’s early life photos, wearing low-collar short sleeves and sweatpants, wearing simple clothes, elegant makeup, squatting on a rock to play with water slightly happy, wide open neckline, fully show her body, I have to say, Zhao Liying is really grand!””Apparently, the entertainment blogger gives Zhao’s outfit a very high rating, but netizens have mixed opinions about the outfit.From the entertainment blogger li-ying zhao early drying out of the group in the pictures, this should be a set of pictures of long ago, in this photo, li-ying zhao wore a black low collar shirt, paired with a pink sport coat and a pink trousers, wearing a pair of white shoes, dress collocation preference for sports style, she looks energetic, sweet but person.Li-ying zhao early pictures in this group, there is a li-ying zhao wear low neckline squat down on the stone pictures of playing with water, li-ying zhao squat down on the stone, is facing the camera, made a splash of water movement, from li-ying zhao facial expression could see how happy she was, just do that li-ying zhao, neckline open all show a good shape, she looks a little atmosphere.After this group li-ying zhao early more popular on the Internet, many netizens evaluated li-ying zhao dress collocation, a netizen comments in the comments section, “li-ying zhao’s lack of safety consciousness,” another netizen comments in the comments section, “it has nothing to do with safety consciousness”, and even said a netizen “can only say that the photographer is too bad,” obviously,Zhao Liying has stirred controversy by squatting on a rock and splashing with her neckline wide open.Admittedly, li-ying zhao squat down on the stone when playing with water, does not seem to consider themselves in low neckline, however, I personally feel that this did not prove li-ying zhao is a lack of safety consciousness of female star, can only prove li-ying zhao is very cute, in addition, from the point of this group of li-ying zhao early pictures, or enjoy the former li-ying zhao,Obviously is a very simple female star, but suffered a lot of painful experience, I hope Zhao Liying is better and better, in other words, do you think Zhao Liying is a lack of safety awareness of female star?