Lei Jun finally made a move!Xiaomi’s spring break price is on sale, so don’t miss these three models

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The Mi 12 series is arguably the most successful of the several Snapdragon 8 phones that have been released so far, and the Mi 12 Pro in particular has become a bona fide hit.But I personally don’t recommend starting with millet the flagship of the machine, because a lot of people should remember millet MIX a FOLD folding screens and millet MIX4 just released a few months, there will appear great prices, and this time, the Spring Festival is finally out, lei jun these three old model of millet mobile phone prices again, more cost-effective, more worthy of.In fact, there are many mobile phones equipped with snapdragon 870 processor, and Xiaomi 10S is the top three models in sales volume, which can be seen that this model is still very popular.The PERFORMANCE of the MI 10S is not as strong as the MI 12, but the performance and power consumption are more balanced, which the Snapdragon 8Gen1 processor cannot achieve.At the same time, Mi 10S also has a domestic AMOLED curved screen, which has obvious advantages in the same price model and outstanding grip.At the same time, for those who like to take photos, The Mi 10S is also equipped with a flagship-level image module, with a main camera lens of 100 million pixels and an ultra-wide-angle lens of 16 million pixels, which is still pretty good for taking photos and videos.More importantly, Xiaomi 10S also carries Harman Carden stereo dual speakers, especially outstanding external sound, and multi-functional NFC, remote control and other functions are also available.At present 8+256GB hand price is only 2299 yuan, cost-effective or quite high.As the first xiaomi phone equipped with under-screen camera technology, mi MIX4 can be said to be the real “king of diving”, from the sale of 4,999 yuan has dropped to 3,299 yuan, the price is very large.On the front is an extreme true full screen, the back of the body is also a special ceramic process, although the weight is a little bit heavier, but it does feel good.It’s also powered by the Snapdragon 888 Plus processor, and the snapdragon 8Gen1’s performance is similar to that of the Snapdragon 8Gen1.In terms of the image system, mi MIX4 although the front 20 million pixels, but the performance of the selfie is general, and then one pixel three photo combination, the imaging effect of the sample is really good.At the same time, it supports 120W cable fast charging, charging speed is relatively fast, is a high-end flagship with very good comprehensive quality.In the market of 1000 yuan, Redmi phone has always been a good price, and the one worth buying at present is Redmi Note11 Pro, which has dropped to 1469 yuan, less than 1500 yuan.What makes it great is that it has an extremely good Samsung AMOLED screen on the front, with 120Hz high brushwork, and good smoothness and display.Of course, the biggest highlight of Redmi Note11 Pro is that it has a 5000mAh battery capacity, but also supports 120W wired fast charging power, not only fast charging speed, but also excellent battery life experience.Small hao if you’re ready to start a new mobile phone, the millet mobile phone is very good, especially the Spring Festival, this time breaks or larger, especially the old models have different range of prices, particularly millet MIX4, has now dropped to 3299 yuan, at that price can proceed with flagship machine,Compared with mi 12 and MI 12 Pro, the cost performance is much higher, and there is no obvious difference in use.Do you think it’s worth buying these three Xiaomi models with different configurations?Want to know more exciting content, come to pay attention to digital xiao Hao