Still believing in pregnancy pseudoscience?Bao Ma: How powerful is cosmetics?Can deform a child?

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The longest routine I’ve ever done in my life is the maternity makeup routine!!”If you are pregnant, you must use cosmetics for pregnant women” and “all natural cosmetics are the safest” are all bullshit!Really like some people said that the use will cause teratogenic abortion, that later abortion can be too convenient, a makeup on the thing over bai?!Do you believe it yourself?!Because there are too many used cosmetics, pregnancy only pick out a few representative and nice products detailed introduction in pregnant women here, interested in sisters can then look down ~ fun to poke fun do not rise to the brand or the author, I are individual situation, everyone be fond of, such as acceptance of different type of skin, the skin feeling fragrance, rational pulling weeds,I like this color corrector makeup front, but I didn’t think it was very effective!Just face will be very false white, over a period of time more natural oil!Skin becomes creamy and light.The only disadvantage is probably dry skin will feel a little dry and acne spots more fairy need to overlay a concealer ~ 2, tender puff air cushion is very suitable for pregnancy!Naked makeup must belong to yes!The ingredients are safe and tasteless, especially for the first three months.Feel this air cushion to carry convenient later, go up makeup nature is clear thoroughly, won’t appear false false the sort of, with long still feel quite moist, used all the time go down.For me, who can’t go out without makeup, but can’t use makeup frequently during pregnancy, I prefer this kind of air cushion with a little toning effect and a little moisturizing effect.On the downside, there is no preservative, so it will be used up within six months of opening it.In addition, there is really no taste, and those who like to taste a little fragrant may not be able to accept it.3. The outlet of Fangke sunscreen FANCL sunscreen is very small, so the dosage can be well controlled. After opening it, it has a light fragrance, smells good, and does not stimulate.The texture is quite moist, the fluidity is quite strong, the face is very thin, there is no sense of oil, it is not thick and does not rub mud on the face, the film forming speed is quite fast, it looks like a film after almost a minute, the face is quite fresh after the film, there is no feeling of pasting the face.After use, this sunscreen has a slight polish and polish effect. It may be a little white at first, but it will fade naturally after a while.4. Meikefei/Nars make up the first nars!The thief is quick to use, and it will be broken when using tin. Before, I tangled with Mei Ke fei and Nars when doing makeup homework, and I simply entered two together when Nars ran out.Mephie keeps it at home for her morning makeup, and Nars keeps it in her purse.Meikefei start with powder paint is very bad to take powder and uneven makeup, behind I get a method, the powder poured out a little powder puff dip in a small amount of powder and then rub powder puff to make it even powder absorption, and then beat makeup on the face, makeup is very uniform oh.The nars powder is pressed very tightly. You need to take the powder in a circle with a powder puff and then press to set the makeup.Nars has a slight flash, but the upper face does not flash, giving a brightening effect.There is no doubt about the powder quality of these two styles. The powder of McAffee is as fine as smoke, while the powder quality of Nars is very delicate.Two makeup on the immediate matte, feel slippery, set makeup will not affect the face.5, 3CE eye shadow daily necessary a plate of eye shadow, although the price is a little expensive but also quite durable, the key is color, do not fly powder do not casually halo makeup, with eye shadow plus, the whole makeup is very clean.Three Lipstick 09 My first Three lipstick smells so good!09 color really looks white, yellow leather, black leather and white leather can be easily controlled. The thin and thick coat feels different, like the daily point of thin coat, thick coat is gray.Texture moist, knock suitable mouth dry sisters!