Sum list of Major Insurance claims in China in 2021

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Source: Manager media’s “China Insurance home” magazine article: Li listened to a claim report, let us see the context of The Times.In 2020, among the national insurance claims we sorted out, the top one was “tens of millions of yuan”, while in 2021, the amount of major claims was close to “hundreds of millions of yuan”.The insurance client, Old A, is the chairman of A large enterprise. His family income and assets are rich. He also has A strong sense of insurance.In August 2021, Old A died of sudden illness, and his family received A compensation of 99.5 million yuan from China Life Insurance Company alone, which became the largest compensation case in China’s life insurance industry that year.Insurance policies have become indispensable financial instruments in the age of longevity, as people live gracefully with long lives.On the one hand, with the implementation of the new asset regulations, other financial instruments have completely closed the door of the “bottom guarantee” income, to obtain the “bottom guarantee” steady income, only through insurance and national debt two tools (deposit individuals only 500,000 limit).On the other hand, as China’s economy enters a new normal, the history of land finance may be rewritten. The introduction of various tax policies is pushing Chinese residents to “move” their assets.Of course, there is also a very realistic trend that China is facing an unprecedented pension crisis as its population structure changes from “pyramid” to “long column”.As interest rates fall, more people are supplementing their pensions with annuities and lifetime increases.Policy after policy, behind the timetable of China’s economic changes.Let’s take a look at what new changes have taken place in the major claims cases of China’s insurance industry in the past year.From the list of claims in 2020 and 2021 (The list of Major life insurance claims in China in 2020!)It can be seen that the amount of life insurance claims in China is rising at a fast speed.In 2020, there was only one case of insurance claims over 20 million yuan.In 2021, there were seven.At the same time, more and more big customers, began to insure “hundred million yuan” large insurance policies.In terms of claims over 10 million yuan, there were 11 cases in 2020 and 17 in 2021, an increase of more than 50 percent.In terms of compensation reasons, death from disease is the main reason for large compensation cases, and malignant tumor accounts for more than 80% of the disease claims.In addition, we also see that among the reasons for settling claims, high fall (falling from a high altitude) and traffic accident death are also relatively common.There was a similar situation last year.In addition, a case worth mentioning this year is that Mr. G from Jiangsu province, who was completely disabled due to cerebral hemorrhage, received an insurance claim of 6.3681 million yuan.This is of concern because total disability can be a greater financial strain on the family than death.I can’t imagine it without insurance.Equip oneself and family as soon as possible full insurance safeguard, risk comes, let insurance bear together with you.