Who was the armored man under the eight flags?

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Armored men were a special group of soldiers, distinct from purely professional soldiers, who were soldiers in time of war, farmers in time of peace, and owners of exiled slaves.The system originated from the Eight Banners system of the Manchu Dynasty and was divided into three levels. Among them, the status of the armored men was between slaves and jurchens, mainly han people, but also Korean people.Armored people can be divided into majia and bujia. They are the same as ordinary people in peacetime, mainly farming and hunting, but in times of war, they need to wear armor to fight, so they mainly live in frontier areas.2. The armored man was the master of the exiles. The armored man had another identity, that of the master of the exiles on the frontier.Before the qing army entered the pass, there were eight banners soldiers who were responsible for both military and production. They often plundered wealth and population.Once the customs were cleared, this route disappeared, and the exiles were enslaved by men in armor.For example, we often hear that “someone will be exiled to Ningguta”. After these people are exiled to Heilongjiang and Jilin, they are mainly assigned to armored men.