We can win without a Grimm!Curry + Klebar warriors low limit, Wiggins steady, kumin more explosive

2022-06-28 0 By

The NBA season is in full swing, with a high-profile showdown between the mighty Golden State Warriors and the dark horse Thunder.After a long struggle, the better Warriors relied on the outstanding performances of Clay, Curry, Poole, Wiggins, kuminga and other key players to easily beat the fans attention thunder 110-98.The concern is that the warriors of the main force finally run in successfully.From the game, the Warriors are in excellent form.Curry added 18 points, nine rebounds and 10 assists, Clay added 21 points, Wiggins added 15 points and five rebounds, Kuminga added 16 points and Poole added 11 points, eight rebounds and eight assists.Dalton scored 26 points, three steals and five turnovers, Bazley added 20 points and eight rebounds, Giddy added 16 points, 11 rebounds and seven assists, Mann added 11 points and Kenridge Williams had 12 points, six rebounds and five assists for Oklahoma City.In the opening phase, the Warriors’ offense was suppressed by the Thunder.After the Thunder hit back-to-back baskets, Doerter led a scoring surge to lead the Warriors by eight points.Next up, payton jr. ‘s 3-pointer and Kuminga’s score stopped the bleeding.As the Warriors’ offense continued to stall, Kerr was forced to take a timeout.Kuminga and Poole stepped up their individual attacks and the Warriors were soon in the lead.Dort responded with a 3-pointer, and Kuminga continued to score to subdue the Thunder.After a 3-pointer by Wigginsley, Curry put Oklahoma City ahead by double digits.In the third quarter, Thompson found his touch and powered the Warriors to a scoring blast that extended the lead.Oklahoma City forced a timeout, and mann responded with a 3 to keep the score.Curry also made a 3-pointer to give golden State another lead as the Thunder stepped up their defense.The Warriors’ offense took a hit, and the Thunder took advantage.The fourth quarter, the Warriors are offensive shock wave again to expand the score, Giddy’s personal attack to help the Thunder to single digits.Klay hit two 3-pointers and Curry hit a 3-pointer to win the game.The Warriors simply didn’t give it their best shot.After the big lead, the Warriors again put on young players to fit in the lineup and wave.Klay and Curry hit three 3-pointers to kill the game as the Thunder got closer.The Warriors controlled the game too much, with an assist from Curry and a solid 3-pointer from Klay in the clutch.Against a weak Oklahoma City team, Curry switched between the point guard and point guard at will, and with Thompson’s complete offensive distraction, opponents didn’t want to double curry.It is worth noting that Wiggins continues to play like an old dog, kuminga’s talents are still visible, and Luni and Poole continue to make an impact.I have to say, the Warriors are too stable.