Yuandu President Forum | Xu Junmin: The Necessity of improving intelligence from final examination

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Educational level is only one aspect of intelligence, and the creation of a positive family atmosphere is an important promoter of students’ intelligence development.Boarding school should not only implement the school’s task, but also shoulder the corresponding responsibility of the family.The New Year has just passed, the busy before the festival has begun.However, the first final exam after the “double reduction” brought me thinking but in the gap between the busy years grow.I also along with the wechat circle of friends to enjoy Beijing Xicheng District primary school third grade Chinese test paper, vertical a test paper, you only see “reading” two words: a lot of reading accumulation on the face: fairy tales, ancient poetry, famous sayings like private platoon step orderly;Two compositions, one and the other, directly attack the students’ three years of Chinese literacy cultivation.And haidian district’s seventh-grade Chinese test paper is all reading and writing, the large amount of questions cover a wide range, if there is no daily large reading basis support, Chinese can be called “hate higher than the day”.Perhaps the clearest purpose of this paper is to guide parents and children to focus on reading and writing through the most effective and powerful means of “examination”.I also heard that in some places, the first and second grade of primary school adopts a paperless test, which is graded by drawing lots.I don’t know, if in this situation suddenly exposed to the third grade paper students will not adapt?Can you jump from the first step to the fifth?Many teachers often talk about the calculation ability when talking about mathematics, and the improvement of calculation ability depends on repeated training, also known as the popular “brush questions”.However, in the third grade mathematics test papers of primary schools in Dongcheng District and Chaoyang District of Beijing, the examination of calculation ability has been weakened. Instead, the examination questions reflect students’ understanding of mathematical concepts and the construction of mathematical thoughts.And these rely on “brush the question” is not to come, the cultivation of understanding depends on the method also depends on intelligence.Yes, combining third-grade math tests from Dongcheng district and Chaoyang District, “intelligence” is the first word that comes to mind.Without intelligence, mechanical training alone can not win the exam.Where does intelligence come from?Training can’t come.It is a matter of heredity as well as nurture.Training is not the same as training, he needs parents’ daily life intentional guidance, teachers’ classroom teaching intentional strengthening.We judge a child’s intelligence level generally from the family, but we often pay attention to the parents’ education and ignore the family environment.Educational level is only one aspect of intelligence, and the creation of a positive family atmosphere is an important promoter of students’ intelligence development.The story of meng’s mother moving three times, we should always know it, the impact of the environment is the most important.Current mathematical models estimate the heritability of intelligence at about 60 percent, with about 40 percent of intelligence due to environmental differences, namely education and learning.The number of synaptic connections in neurons determines a person’s ability to remember and learn.What’s important is that these neural connections continue to change, and they’re still developing even at age 60.So science tells us that intelligence can only continue to improve if we continue to learn science.This year’s final exam, see the question of the moment, business principal said without concern, these questions to us from the rural children really is a challenge.In Chinese, students are required to have “validity” and read at a speed of more than 500 words per minute;Second, there is “precision”, the reading quality should be high, can quickly grasp the main information or core of the material for screening and integration.Mathematics is to increase the ability of mathematics to read the graph and function of the examination, logarithmic shape combined with the examination of the idea of the first students, do not understand the meaning of the question became the biggest obstacle.After a long time of school training should not be a problem, but just came to the school of the first day of the child’s disciplinary literacy and understanding and analysis ability has not been established.Yes, for children in the city, most families have a relatively perfect learning environment, while most of us are raised by our parents.They are simple, capable and hard-working, but they have to admit their inadequacies in today’s era of increasing emphasis on “ability”.But isn’t that what schools are responsible for?Many experts have said that under the new college entrance examination, “it is difficult to get your son from a poor family”;And what we are doing is to let the poor out of the children.To let children in rural families see hope, it is not enough to rely on the accumulation of knowledge alone. We should change their learning strategies and broaden their cognitive channels, just like the theme song of our education Festival: draw a window to the future world for children, so that they can see the future, see their feet clearly and see themselves clearly.Not only do we have to show them the future, but we have to lead them to their feet, so that the meaning of school, the role of teachers can be truly revealed.The old year is roaring, the New Year is coming by the clouds.School is the base of the wave selection, and we hope that after the wave, are golden precipitation.2022, worth looking forward to!Because of qingyun, because of the efforts of every teacher and parents, because of the expectations of every student!(Author: Xu Junmin is the principal of Anqiu Qingyun Bilingual School, the principal of Qilu Ming, the special principal of Weifang, a senior middle school teacher. He has published monographs such as “Three Genders Education”, “Respect Education”, “365 Days of the Principal”, and “Xu Yan Romance”.)