“Video” woman service area lost 60,000 “lifesaving money”, the security picked up a perfect return to zhao

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Yangzi evening news network – February 12 (reporter Chun-yan li GuiLiQuan reporter Wan Lingyun) on February 10, about 1 PM, take zhenjiang dantu public security bureau police station received a jurisdiction shanghai-nanjing expressway service area alarm, head of the immortal mountain, said security service zone Ding Hongwei pick up a package containing a large amount of cash, police station, please help to look for the loser.After receiving the alarm, shangdang police station immediately arrived at the scene.Ding Hongwei, a security guard, said that at 1:30 PM, he was on a routine patrol in the parking lot of the south area of the service area when he found a blue lady’s handbag in the parking space.Ding Hongwei immediately reported to the monitoring room of the service area through the intercom and handed the bag to the chief duty officer on that day.With the help of the police officers at the police station, the head of the service area first went to the monitoring room and carefully checked the surveillance from 1:00 p.m. to 1:30 p.m.During the same period, the cash in the handbag was counted and there was 60,000 yuan in cash and 15 yuan in coins.After half an hour of continuous monitoring, the public finally locked a license plate for su B car.In the monitoring, it is clearly seen that the car owner opened the door, inadvertently lost the bag in the parking space.Police immediately through the license plate number, find the owner of the information.Immediately, the service area duty call the owner immediately.At this time the owner of the vehicle has been driven to jiangyin section of the road, and their bag lost completely unaware!Received the service area duty call, hurriedly check the contents of the car, which found that the bag was missing.So, quickly from Jiangyin to turn back to xianren mountain service area.Under the witness of the police, the owner counted the items in the bag, no omission, and the side of the relatives, choked out the reason for the owner to carry a lot of cash.It turned out that the 60,000 yuan was the “lifesaving money” they had brought to the Second Affiliated Hospital of Nanjing Medical University to pay ICU fees for their family members.The owner said, because his family is sick, his mood has been very low, temporarily careless, it even lost the bag are not aware of!”Fortunately met a good Samaritan, otherwise really do not know how to do……”At 11:50 in the morning of February 11, grateful car owners, made a special trip to the xianren mountain service area to send the flag, once again to the security ding Hongwei, xianren Mountain service area and the police station said thank you.12, the reporter also learned in the interview, nearly a month, this has been the fairy mountain service area staff picked up the fourth time passengers property.On January 9, the waiter found a man’s backpack and more than 40,000 yuan in cash left by the owner in the South District noodle shop.On January 28, a woman’s bag and more than 10,000 yuan in cash were found in a noodle shop in the southern district.On February 8, P&G found a woman’s bag and 3,316 yuan in cash in the women’s restroom in the southern district, as well as more than 60,000 yuan found by ding Hongwei, a security guard, on February 10.Four times total RMB up to 118,000 yuan!”It is fair to say that each sum of money is a large sum of money for the front-line personnel working in the field.Whether it’s 60,000 yuan or 40,000 yuan, it’s as much as many people earn in a year!”The person in charge of the service area told reporters: “But everyone returned intact every time, without mistakes.”Proofread by Sheng Yuanyuan