Who is Shui Qingxia?

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On February 6th Asian cup title after the Chinese women’s football the girls finally threw up their boss ShuiQingXia high after hard beat Japan in the semi-final on penalty kicks in the girls want to throw water guiding up but was turned down by the ShuiQingXia apparently she thought the final was not celebrate “even if we win and I don’t think this is a great record we still as usualPreparing for the final against South Korea, Said Shui Qingxia calmly at a press conference, leading China back to the top of Asian football after 16 years.Netizens have regrets water enough “swagger” facts have proved that the ease with which the guidance of “ambition” is the result of dental laboratories to bottom spirit as adult Chinese women’s football team’s first “native women handsome” ShuiQingXia is clearly confident bring to participate in the 6th Asian women’s soccer championship of Chinese women’s soccer team players: ShuiQingXia (December 22, 1986).”Having lifted the Asian Cup five times in 11 years, she is the first player of the golden generation to become the head coach of the national team. She knows how to win the Women’s Asian Cup better than anyone else.”The Chinese women’s Football team has just announced its 23-man squad for the 2022 Asian Women’s Cup.”Successive ‘substitution’ wins Asian Cup!””The champion of Chinese women’s football team!””First in history!Lifting the Asian Cup as both a player and a coach….Media and netizens expressed in series of exclamation mark’s praise of the ShuiQingXia proved right by the Asian football confederation website but also in his post-match press conference sheung shui guidance I still calm “(win) the feeling is very good especially when I saw the people in backward stimulated morale are very thank all the players in their difficult situation over self also over rival” she is clearly stressed”Is not to say that the championship will be smooth sailing in training the first road will still have a lot of problems with the aid of the title race next to the psychological and tactical to refine and improve the “from” golden generation Chinese women’s football player “to” most people know how to win the Asian cup “to” more people know how to win the next game, “this is ShuiQingXia gait kept running all the way on the pitch……Shui Qingxia is 56 years old this year.When she first got into sports at the age of 11 in 1977, she was actually an athlete in track and field, with major events including the long jump and pentathlon.Shui qingxia was already 17 when her coach recommended her for the women’s team in 1983.That’s an advanced age for any sport.Many years later, When Shui Qingxia recalled this “accident”, her face was still full of incredible.She even told reporters that she thought, “How can I play soccer?Girls playing football, it’s horrible.”She did not expect that the first women’s soccer team in Shanghai and the Chinese women’s soccer team would become her main theme for most of her life.Shui qingxia later recalled, “In fact, my thoughts were relatively simple.If you play, then play.”But the reality is that, at 17, she needs to start bouncing the ball.Fortunately, she was also a little surprised to discover that she really has a bit of talent in the field.Shortly after her career change, Shui qingxia stood out from more than 100 people and went straight to the first team of Shanghai women’s football team.From ball tossing to dribbling to tactics, only one year later, Shui Qingxia’s name appeared in the Chinese women’s national team.When it comes to Shui Qingxia, she is often referred to as “China’s golden Generation player”.Along with Sun Wen, Liu Ailing, Wen Lirong and Sun Qingmei, who won a silver medal in the 1996 Atlanta Olympics, Shui was one of the first members of the women’s soccer team to go abroad.Shui qingxia made two trips to Japan in the 1990s.In 1992, at the age of 26, She went to Play football for Japanese club Prima and became the main force of the team.In February of the following year, she suffered a severe fracture in a teaching competition against the men’s team and returned to China.At that time, doctors performed a steel nail fixation surgery for her.Five months later, she appeared on the training ground of Shanghai Women’s football team, and in September of the same year, she represented Shanghai Women’s football team at the 7th National Games held in Beijing.He was so busy that the pins were not removed until seven years later.In 1998, shui qingxia went to Japan again to play for Suzuki Shimizu Team.She scored a total of 11 goals in the league that year, ranking among the top 10 scorers in the league.Many years later, After becoming a coach, Shui Qingxia also encouraged the girls to go abroad to try their skills and see the world, so that they could better serve the country when they return home.China got off to a flying start with a thumping win in the opening match of the 2022 Women’s Asian Cup.At the press conference after the game, Shui Qingxia made a special comment on the player Tang Jiali who had just returned from England. Considering the impact of the trip, she only gave Tang Jiali 15 minutes of playing time in that game, but the latter did well both in attack and defense.”The good news is that after a few months of playing in the Premier League, we can see that Tang has made positive changes in her confidence building and self-knowledge.I look forward to seeing more Chinese players go to European leagues in the future to practice and prove themselves in strong European teams and do better after learning and improving their ideas.”Practice out of the “trick” in the player era, Shui Qingxia’s “trick” is the set piece.In 2001, at the age of 35, she also scored the only goal in the final of the last National Games with a free kick, helping The Shanghai Women’s Football Team to win the national Games for a second time.But few people know, because often “kick on the point”, set piece ball was once let Shui Qingxia “feel very embarrassed” “very guilty” weak.On December 14, 1997, the 11th Asian Women’s Football Championship ended in Guangzhou. Liu Ailing scored twice in the final to beat the powerhouse North Korea 2-0, and retained the Asian Cup title.On the same day, Xinhua News Agency published a report on a free kick by Shui Qingxia: “In the 20th minute, China forced a free kick in the left corner of the penalty area. Veteran No. 8 Shui Qingxia took the penalty. The ball bounced straight off the left post, and Liu Ailing scored again in the middle.”Therefore, her later “trick” is not “talent”, but rely on their own practice, a little bit of practice out.As a player, Shui Qingxia is extremely strict with herself.She was also known for being tough when she started coaching after retirement.”I just wanted to let the players know what they wanted, but maybe they didn’t understand.”Shui qingxia once confided to reporters, “It would be better if we could encourage the players more and speak more positively, and not be as tough as before.”In constant introspection, water guidance began to change its style. In addition to actively learning and studying technical and tactical theories, strengthening daily training, it also paid special attention to the psychological adjustment of members.Shui Qingxia, who has been a coach for more than 20 years, said: “There is a big difference between the post-90s and post-00s players and our post-60s and post-70s players.”In her opinion, her generation of players are relatively “practical”, while today’s children are more sensitive, “maybe a word, a tone, will have some ideas.”In the Asian Cup semi-final against Japan, Shui Qingxia made a bold decision to use wang Shuang, who was slightly injured, as a substitute.Shui qingxia helped her team stay determined to win after falling behind twice, scoring two late equalisers and winning on penalties.”I told them to relax, because after two equalisers, we have more confidence.I told them to keep their confidence. I believe this is the moment of the match.”In the first half of the final, The Chinese team was behind the rival South Korea, “at the break, I told the players first is not to be discouraged, to put down the burden, go for it.”In the second half of the game, The Chinese women’s football team first replaced the injured Wang Shuang, and then the substitute zhang Linyan also live up to expectations — The Chinese women’s football team equalized the score in less than 5 minutes!Adjusting tactics in time and “psychological massage”, Shui Qingxia’s command is a key for The Chinese women’s football team to win the Asian Cup again after 16 years.Next year, Shui Qingxia will celebrate her 40th anniversary of playing football.The Asian Cup, like a gift delivered ahead of time, water coach and she led the women’s football girls, the future can be.You can always trust the Chinese women’s football team!This article is reprinted from the wechat official account “Xinhua News Agency”, source: Xinhua Daily Telegraph, and compiled from Xinhua News Agency, Upstream News, Thepaper.cn, Tencent Sports, etc