Four disagree!The Chinese women’s volleyball team is not a joke

2022-06-30 0 By

The first training camp of The 2022 Chinese Women’s Volleyball Team will be officially opened on February 16. There is a rumor online that 30 players will participate in the training camp, but the news has not been officially confirmed. There is a rumor online that the results are not important for the 2022 Chinese women’s volleyball team.But this one is not a joke, the reason is: 4 disagree!A:BOSS doesn’t agree with 2022. Even if Zhu Ting is absent for a whole year and CAI Bin takes office for the first year, The Chinese Women’s Volleyball Team still needs to make achievements. As we all know, The Chinese Women’s Volleyball Team is the “golden signature” of the National brand.One of the most important reasons is the failure to win a medal at the 2021 Tokyo Olympics.Especially in 2022, hangzhou Asian Games, this is a gold medal China women’s volleyball must win!2:Sponsors do not agree on what lang ping, Chinese women’s volleyball team to sign a lot of sponsors, the sponsors are blunt can Chinese women’s volleyball team at the 2021 Tokyo Olympics can to “throw money” of the title, in 2021, the Olympic defeat, Tokyo has made society platoon leader “to” the short three points in front of the sponsors, if in 2022, the Chinese women’s volleyball team in the Asian games lost again,The sponsors had to pull the plug right away!Three: the old players do not agree that Yuan Xinyue has changed from “little Yuan” to “old Yuan”, Ding Xia, Gong Xiangyu, Zhang Changning is also participated in the two Olympic Games of the women’s volleyball team, moreover, their head are wearing: the Olympic champion’s garland!If CAI Bin can not get a certain result, these old players will agree?Online spread: Wang Baoquan was complained by the old players, in the helpless situation “run away”, even gong Xiangyu, Zhang Changning to CAI Bin “support”, but CAI Bin also had to prevent ah!Four:Has not agreed to in 2009, has served in wei jamie had “made” the first time the Chinese women’s volleyball team at the helm, but the Asian championship on Chinese women’s volleyball team failed to win the title, as has the “class” of “fuse”, now has a second “into” Chinese women’s volleyball team, will naturally out of the closet “skills, if no results,CAI Bin also had to brave the “dismissal” of public opinion pressure!Bottom line: Even if Zhu Ting and Zhang Changning are likely to miss the 2022 tournament, the Chinese women’s volleyball team still needs to produce results. Otherwise, the pressure from public opinion is enough for CAI Bin to feel uncomfortable.