The lowest 29,900 yuan, QQ ice cream leading, monthly income of 3,000 also can afford to open 3 scooters

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The “most beautiful kid” in the field of new energy vehicles last year is not Tesla or BYD, but Wuling Hongguang MINIEV, the “national god car”.Last year, the MINI sold 395,451 units, up 250.7 percent from 112,758 units in 2020. The compact and practical MINI is leading the trend in the minicar sector.Today, I will recommend you a few monthly salary of 3000 can also afford the transport car, all are boutique!01 2022 Hongguang MINIEVAs an annual model change, except for the price increase of 2,000 yuan, the overall change of the new car is not great. The luminous design is added to the front logo of the car. The Macaron and sandwich models are equipped with symmetrical LED light belts on both sides of the car.In addition, macaron models will add the main seat airbag and reversing image function;The sandwich version also has a thoughtful Nappa craft interior;All the new car keys are made by baking paint and matte electroplating process. Through the improvement of these details, the sense of quality of HongguangminIEV is further enhanced.The power is the same as the old model, with a rear permanent magnet synchronous motor with a maximum power of 27 horsepower and a range of 120/170km depending on the configuration.02 QQ Ice cream (guide price: 299-4700 yuan) Chery QQ ice cream price has also been adjusted, except the pudding is still 29,900 yuan, the ice cream cone and sundae will be 41,000 yuan and 4700 yuan, increased by 3,100 yuan.As a competitive product of Wuling Hongguang MINIEV, there are too many similarities with Hongguang MINIEV in appearance design.The 6 colors of taro purple, mint green, coconut white, sea salt blue, pale pale pale pale pale pale pale pale pale pale lemon yellow are very bright.All models are fitted with 12-inch rims, front and rear drum brakes, and high-premium models have LED daytime running lights.In terms of body size, compared with hongguang MINIEV, the wheelbase is increased by 20mm, and the body length is also increased by 60mm.Interior design is simple, but heating and cooling air conditioning, main driving airbag, rear parking radar, reversing image, multi-functional steering wheel and Bluetooth phone are also available on high-end models.In terms of power, the MINIEV is basically the same as the Hongkuang MINIEV, which is equipped with lithium iron phosphate battery packs with capacity of 9.6 KWH and 13.9 KWH respectively. The maximum power of the motor is 20 kW, and the peak torque is 85 NM · m. The comprehensive driving range of NEDC is 120 km and 170 km respectively.03 2022 Benben E-Star(guide price: 498-74,800 yuan) on the appearance, the front face adopts a closed intake grille, the two sides are blackened processing headlights, the new car under the bumper sporty feeling, the bottom through the design of the vehicle visual impact is very strong.The brand logo was added in the middle of the rear, making it more recognizable.The length, width and height of the new car are 3770mm/1650mm/1570mm, and the wheelbase is 2410mm.The symmetrical central console is used in the car, and it is also equipped with a 10.25-inch integrated dual-screen. At the same time, it is also integrated with “Yuelian” intelligent interconnection system and “Xiao An Hello” voice control function, which makes the car more intelligent technology.Voice control, electronic parking, tire pressure monitoring, reversing video and other features are also available.In terms of power, the new car will be equipped with a three-in-one integrated electric drive system with a peak torque of 170 N · m and a driving range of 310 km in NEDC mode.In addition, the new car supports fast charging mode, which can replenish the power from 30% to 80% in 30 minutes, which is undoubtedly very impressive.Conclusion: These three vehicles are positioned as daily transportation tools, with indistinguishable appearance and low price and maintenance cost.The price of the 2022 Hongguang MINIEV is higher than that of the old model, QQ ice cream has a better price on the basis of no loss and endurance, and The price of Benbene-Star is higher but the corresponding endurance is also much higher. For consumers considering these cars, price should be the dominant factor.Overall, QQ ice cream is the most cost-effective, if the budget can be raised again, Benben E-star can be given priority.Zhiliao Automobile original article, if need to reprint please contact platform * pictures from the network, such as infringement please contact the author to delete *