Xiao Nian eat dumplings, days warm people

2022-06-30 0 By

On January 23, zhuhai held a press conference on epidemic prevention and control.At the meeting, enterprises were called on to strengthen the humanistic care for those who stay in Zhuhai for the Spring Festival, so as to make the workers in Zhuhai feel comfortable for the Spring Festival.Tianzhang industrial Group actively responded to the government’s call, when the New Year is coming, in order to create a happy and peaceful, positive festive atmosphere, tianzhang labor union organized “eat dumplings to welcome the New Year” warm activities.Yan Dengfeng, chairman and president of the group, attended the event to celebrate the Chinese New Year with employees.At the beginning of the event, Group chairman and president Yan Dengfeng made a speech.He first sent his best wishes for the New Year to everyone, and called on everyone to actively respond to the government’s call of “staying in Beads for the Spring Festival”. At the same time, he instructed relevant departments to do a good job in the service work, so that employees staying in beads have a happy and peaceful Spring Festival.Plates of steaming dumplings were put on the table, and everyone enjoyed the dumplings and talked about the harvest and emotion of entering the Days chapter.Many colleagues mentioned that working in Tianzhang is full of passion and fighting spirit, and it is a stage to realize the value of life.There are more than 10 years of veteran employees said that Tianzhang is like a big family, let people have a sense of belonging.Since entering Tianzhang, I have grown up with the company and witnessed many important stages in my life. I can’t help but be filled with emotion and tears.”Delicious but dumplings incense, warm but collective love”, thick dumplings incense, not only enhance the friendship between colleagues, more let everyone fully feel the thick festive atmosphere, spend a warm and peaceful off-year together.Tiangzhang Trade Union