Zi Xian | Tian Long Ba Bu who has the highest kung fu?Jin Yong ranks fifth in kung fu authority

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Tian Long Ba Bu, the Buddhist term, Tian Long Ba Bu is “non-human”, including eight kinds of Shinto monsters, because “tian Zhong” and “long zhong” are the most important, so called “Tian Long Ba Bu”.The eight divisions are: one day, two dragons, three nights, four gandavas, five asuras, six kalula, seven jongnara, and eight mahraja.In many Mahayana Sutras, when the Buddha speaks to bodhisattvas and bhikkhus, tianlongba often participate in listening to dharma.Die-cutting room: “Tianlong eight” character kung fu rank “outside the ox and sheep empty make about, candle side temples cloud has an old alliance.”In this article, Zi Xian is going to tell you about tian Long Ba Bu (Hereinafter referred to as Tian Long), which is the most magnificent, colorful, ups and downs of contents and the most profound and lofty conception among jin Yong’s 14 novels.All aspects of the dragon of fascinating, extensive and profound may want to write this book to say that finish, so in this paper, we mainly just talk about dragon all top five characters fighting skill discretion: die cutting studio: focus on die cutting materials industry for 20 years the fifth: xiao feng (also known as SAO feng), gai ninth help a Lord, liao country south king.The main stunts are the eighteen palms of the dragon and the capture of the dragon.Jin Yong wrote a lot of people have learned the dragon eighteen palms, but really master the dragon eighteen palms all palm method especially practice into the last two palms “flying dragon in the day”, “hyperactive regret” only four people: 1.The founder of “Gai Gang” (the Internet said zhuang Yifang, based on online novels to cheat traffic, Jin Yong does not mention).2. Qiao Feng, descending dragon eighteen palm cultivation level is the highest, and based on this self-realization to create the capture dragon gong.3. Guo Jing (the legend of the Condor Heroes), his martial skills are lower than Qiao Feng’s and higher than Hong Qigong’s.4. Hong Qigong (known as north gai, the 18th generation of gai Bang Lord).Among all the characters jin Yong has written, Qiao Feng is the best at lowering the dragon’s ten hands, and among the heavenly dragons, he is the best in martial arts among the younger generation.Die-cutting studio: where the heart is, walk the walk.Fourth: Duan Siping, the first emperor of Dali, the founder of the Six Arteries Excalibur.The six-vein divine sword is the highest level of swordsmanship under Jin Yong’s pen, which is essentially transforming human blood vessels into invisible swordsmanship with infinite power.Therefore, the six veins divine sword and the sword demon Dugu Qiu defeat after 40 years of age, no jian sheng jian, the realm of the unity of man and sword is the same, the highest realm of martial arts training for the sword style, no jian sheng jian.Third: Wuyazi, the second generation leader of the Free and Easy School, the master of Lingvulture Palace on the Misty peak of Tianshan Mountain.The main stunts are the North Ghost, the small wuxiang, tianshan Six Yang palm, Tianshan plum folding hand, the great Method of soul searching and so on.Vulture palace net the world martial arts esoteric books, in addition to some unique martial arts esoteric books almost everything.In particular, the north styn shengong is the most enigmatic, after practicing the North styn shengong, the whole body at every point can suck people’s internal force, into the north styn zhenqi for their own use, both Yin and Yang of the north styn zhenqi suffering such as furnace, soft north styn zhenqi cold in ice several times.Compatible with the world martial arts, highly toxic invasion, a simple word is the world martial arts can be used for me!Die-cutting studio: weekend dedicated to the story of Chinese martial arts: second: Unfettered son, unfettered party founder.The main stunts in addition to the above – mentioned no cliff all master practice, there are not changchun.”The book of God has gone with free and unfettered, this valley but more than long spring”, free and unfettered son belongs to the dark line hidden characters in the dragon.Jin Yong wuxia is basically a Taoist school, a Buddhist school, a secular school of three integrated figures, and xiaoyao is basically defined as the top ancestor of the Taoist school, so its status is undoubtedly supreme.As for whether behind the happy child really enlightenment avenue, immortal into saint that has exceeded the martial arts world category, we will not go to too much discussion.The first: sweeping monk, shaolin Temple library sweeping the old monk.Main stunts Seventy-two Shaolin stunts (including yi Jin Jing).Jin Yong did not mention how many kinds of Shaolin seventy-two unique skills the sweeping monk would have, but only said that The Shaolin school “for two hundred years the first martial arts person” xuan Cheng one person practiced the Shaolin seventy-two unique skills of 14 kinds, and finally lost his mind and became a useless man.There is also the Shaolin school only one master Dharma with 72 unique skills, so the sweeping monk master of the unique skills is estimated to be about 14 kinds.As mentioned above, Jin Yong’s martial arts world is divided into Taoist, Buddhist and secular three schools of characters, and the sweeping monk is the top first character under the pen of the Buddhist school author (Patriarch Dharma is not included in the evaluation).If the xiaoyao has left the road of enlightenment and the body is not far away from sanctification, then the sweeping monk is not far away from the ultimate realization of bodhi.Sweeping monk in the tianlong inside the bright line figure is no doubt the first, and Jin Yong’s novel as a whole is the Status of Buddhism slightly higher than Taoism,;So we finally put the sweeping monk as “Tianlong Eight bu” character ranked first!Die-cutting studio: where the heart is, walk the walk.”Tianlong eight” character rank said finished, welcome everyone to pay attention to zixian about the martial arts memory series of works.As an aside, Tianlong Ba Bu is not only a great swordsmen novel, but also a classic full of life philosophy and life philosophy.The works are all-inclusive and integrate the three mainstream cultures of Traditional Chinese Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism.Works everywhere zen, back to have zen, far-reaching meaning, extensive and profound.I hope that all the friends who love swordsmen in addition to paying attention to the characters of martial arts, more to learn to understand our traditional Chinese culture!# Tianlongbabu #