176 square meters of large flat, right-angled side hall presents an integrated home atmosphere

2022-07-01 0 By

Enjoy a 176-square-meter apartment today, which takes advantage of the current very popular right-angled side hall design.Activity hall presented the atmosphere that gave uniformity occupies the home, just like a small-sized theater, can satisfy all sorts of functions, can you like such door model?Let’s take a look.After the child mother door enters a door, south can make the dress hat of a pass top wear, temporary shoe hat article can be put in here very neatly, north has a temporary storage that enters type, can place the convenient article of a few children toys or access.Then direct activity hall, kitchen, west kitchen, dining room, sitting room to form a four-palace enclosure layout, activity atmosphere is very good.Southwest corner is surrounded corner balcony, total length is about 15m, can satisfy recreational, raise flower, plant vegetable, read, taste coffee, make by hand, mechanical operation, taste tea to wait for the hobby on all sorts of life.There is a master bedroom to the south.The sleeping area is 4m wide, equipped with a south-facing dry and wet separation toilet, and a semi-open walk-in cloakroom, which is very practical.There are three rooms on the north side.The northwest corner of the secondary master bedroom has its own bathroom with a bright window, which ensures independence and privacy.The other two bedrooms are a stone’s throw away from the dry and wet separated bathroom with an open window, almost the same as the suite!How do you feel about the overall layout?