“Important news” Xiangcheng county held air quality joint prevention and control of fireworks and firecrackers ban on the promotion of work

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In the afternoon of February 14, xiangcheng County air quality joint prevention and control and fireworks sales and release ban promotion meeting was held, review and summarize the effectiveness and existing problems of the air quality joint control work in the previous stage, and rearrange and redeploy the air quality joint control work in the next stage.County magistrate Fan Yaojiang, deputy county magistrate Zhao Dan, Zhu Baogang attended the meeting.The meeting pointed out that there are still some loopholes and shortcomings in the joint air quality prevention and control work, and individual responsible units are not in place in emergency response.The meeting stressed the need to face up to the grim situation and make all-out efforts to implement joint prevention and control of air quality.In practical work, all levels and departments should strengthen inspection and control, effectively improve emergency response capacity, give full play to the “anti-epidemic” spirit, be decisive and resolute, handle emergencies urgently, dare to take on responsibilities at critical moments, and take joint prevention and control of air quality as the starting point of all decisions.In terms of industrial emission reduction, it is necessary to do a good job in the monitoring of peak and output errors and enterprise emission data and electricity consumption in accordance with the principle of “one enterprise, one policy” under the condition of ensuring safe, orderly and controllable production of enterprises.In terms of emission reduction of mobile sources, relevant departments should comprehensively use a variety of means to reduce the traffic of high-emission diesel trucks as far as possible, reduce vehicle exhaust pollution emissions as much as possible, carry out special law enforcement inspection of non-standard oil, and focus on cracking down on the storage and sale of inferior oil products;In terms of social emission reduction, we need to organize the villages (communities) volunteers, militia and other various forces to participate in the Lantern Festival fireworks banned banned work, strengthening control and patrolling, focus on the key time, key areas, the fireworks bans banned work to strengthen supervision, with a high degree of political consciousness and bending down into the bureau, with a strong sense of responsibility to overcome difficult,We will continue to carry out joint prevention and control of air quality in the coming years.Source: Xiangcheng Rongmedia