“Rush into the final is victory”, zhang Yuting supported by Wang Meng, efforts will be successful

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A person’s efforts can be seen, no matter how awkward the effort, but when we harvest success, the joy of the mood is more than everything.In recent days, the Winter Olympic Games have attracted the most attention. This year is also the 24th Winter Olympic Games hosted by China.While we pay attention to whether these athletes can bring honor to the country, we also gradually understand a lot of their stories behind them. The more in-depth understanding, the more admiration and pride for them.They are Qu Chunyu, Zhang Yuting, Wu Dajing, Fan Kexin and Ren Ziwei, who won the first gold medal for China.Each of them has a story that is inspiring and worth learning, but today we are going to talk about 23-year-old Zhang Yuting, who was born in 1999.She was also mentioned by the commentator guest Wang Meng many times during the competition. Although she only ranked fourth in the women’s 500m final, she was still worthy of our pride and pride.Wang Meng also independently after the end of the competition on Zhang Yuting evaluation, said that although no medal, but her performance has been very good, rushed into the final is victory.Want to know can obtain wang Meng so high evaluation, also enough to explain Zhang Yuting’s strength, and Wang Meng is so strong to support her, is not unreasonable.Perhaps by knowing her growth and how hard she works, we can understand how much she deserves to be expected and that her efforts will eventually be rewarded with success.01 Zhang Yuting chose this road, and parents’ education has a lot to do with 99 Zhang Yuting was born in a small family in Harbin, Heilongjiang province in northeast China, it is therefore a unique advantage, Harbin, after all, but has the reputation of the northeast snow town.Zhang Yuting also like roller skating as other children, and the reason why will start to learn skating, and this has a lot to do with it.Her father said they thought zhang was talented and wanted her to learn how to skate. He said they were afraid zhang would fall when they were repairing the drainage ditch while she was rollerblading.At the age of 6, Zhang Yuting entered The Nangang District Sports School in Harbin. She also attended the art and Sports experimental class in the middle school affiliated to Harbin Normal University, and successfully entered the provincial team in her third year.Her teachers and classmates all have a good impression on her. She is also a very hard-working and motivated student. She trains hard every afternoon, even in the hot summer, she never takes a rest under the scorching sun.In addition, when the school organizes sports meetings, she often takes charge of several projects by herself, which always brings great honor to the class.At the same time, she is very grateful and goes back to school to visit her teachers every year, which is inseparable from her parents’ education. It is not her parents’ choice or cultivation, and she may not be able to raise such an excellent child.At the same time zhang Yuting in hard training at the same time, but also did not give up their own cultural classes, usually in class when the rigorous training to the classroom, can well complete the learning task.Such a hard-working girl, of course, deserves to be expected by more people, I believe she will be better and better in the future, become a more excellent person.02 students also want to learn from the champion, even if the choice of sports students this road can not delay the cultural class many students see these athletes are vigorous posture, also have a dream like them, there are many students choose to take the road of sports students.But sports students are not so good when, the students do not naively think that the choice of sports students, cultural classes do not need to work hard.Sports students not only need to have a high talent for sports, to have a relatively good sports advantage, academic performance is also very needed, if the academic performance is not enough, I am afraid it is difficult to be admitted to a good university.And sports students also want to work harder than other students, to have the spirit to bear hardships and stand hard work, to be able to hold on not to give up, which is the most basic spirit of athletes.If students have not decided what path they want to take, they had better not blindly choose the path of sports students because of the influence of these athletes.Winning glory for the country is of course a very proud and proud thing, but we should also know their own strength, those athletes who can win glory for the country, and which is not thoroughly tempered before coming out.Therefore, students in the envy of them at the same time, but also to keep in mind the learning task and mission, strive to be as excellent as them, even if they can not shine in the field, but also strive to do their best, become the best person.Today’s discussion topic: do you know anything about Zhang Yuting?Welcome to share and discuss with you.