Strengthen the strength of the wrist yoga posture, advanced posture is necessary

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When we do yoga, improper force is easy to cause wrist injury, in order to avoid wrist injury, before yoga, we should first do the flexible action of the wrist, and then should also strengthen the flexibility of the shoulder and shoulder muscle strength, as well as the core strength of the body, so as to reduce the pressure of the wrist.1. Lie on your back against the wall, bend your elbows, push your fingertips down the wall, bend your knees 90 degrees, straighten your right leg and slowly fall to the ground. Raise your right leg, bend your knees and change your left leg to strengthen your core strength.Bridge supine, bend knees, heels close to hips inhale lift hips up hands palms down, shoulders in, chest open 3.Elbow support type lie prone on the pad, drop to the ground with elbow shoulder width, step on the ground with toes, start core navel adduction, body in a straight line 4.Raise your left hand up and back, bend your left elbow, extend your right hand and hold the fingers of your left hand. Keep your back straight and use the stretching belt to switch sides.Eagle arm suction arm side flat, left arm in the upper right arm under, intertwined, fingertips extended toward the upper back, chest open, shoulders relaxed 6.Stand with your feet slightly longer than one leg apart. Point your left foot forward, breathe in with your right foot parallel to the pad, lift your arm sideways, and exhale bend your left knee down and your calf vertical to the ground.Downward dog from oblique plate, exhale, move the center of gravity to the back hand to push the ground, back extension, sciatic bone up thigh root push back, heel down the back leg tension can be slightly bent 8.Baby kneel, knees together or feet together, hips on heels, hands on the front of the forehead, inhaling, extending the spine, exhaling, relaxing and sinking as you practice these postures more often, your wrists become more flexible and your core strength improves.Avoid wrist injuries.