All things recovery season, the time to shine, Henderson for you to develop a beautiful new “muscle” delimit

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Spring, since a season of recovery of all things, is also the prosperous period of skin cell replacement, girls only need a little effort, they can harvest a delicate and beautiful appearance.So, taking the advantage of this wonderful spring, with the following two sets of Henderson is superior to develop this new “muscle”, to lay a solid foundation for a whole year of good skin ~ a good skin feeling, gushing, water tender beauty — wei lai fu type collagen Henderson muscle can spray the spring temperature, ultraviolet light, the moisture in the skin and loss of collagen is accelerated,Dry, damaged, and fine lines can easily occur.At the same time, spring air often floating in a large number of pollen, willow catkins, dust mites and other allergens, for naturally sensitive skin, not careful will cause problems such as reddening, peeling, so as to further “weaken” the level of appearance.For these spring problems, Henderson Velvef humanoid collagen muscle Energy spray can help resolve them.It contains baby muscle type III collagen, 3 ceramides, multiple moisturizing ingredients and patented natural oat β -glucan, which can not only replenish collagen, but also effectively replenish water and relieve sensitivity.Among them, the cell growth promoting power of baby muscle type III collagen is 200 times higher than that of traditional collagen [1], which can help skin recover resistance quickly.3 heavy ceramide, through scientific proportion, combined with the transdermal technology of nano liposome, can reshape the skin health barrier;Multiple moisturizing ingredients can penetrate into the skin layer by layer, effectively and intensively moisturizing, making the water tender one step further;Patented natural oatmeal β -glucan soothes and calms the skin and keeps spring sensitivities at bay.At the same time, the product also specially adopts the dual filling design, first put the spray liquid in the multi-layer composite aluminum bag, then put the aluminum bag in the aluminum can, and fill the compressed nitrogen between the two, air mist separation, refuse to mix, bring nano atomization effect, more comfortable and more convenient!Two, raise a good color, do healthy beauty — Handsen Wilaifu red sanduoyuzhu ginseng drink has experienced a whole autumn and winter wet and cold invasion, many sisters will appear qi and blood deficiency phenomenon.And women to qi and blood for this, if you do not pay attention to nourishing qi and blood, will be like withered flowers, eclipsed.The beautiful spring day is a good time to replenish qi and blood!Handsen Wilaifu red sanduoyuzhu ginseng drink, containing ginger, red bean, Perilla leaf, cumin, red ginseng, red dates, black sugar, yuzhu, red rose nine classic herbs, help warm the meridian and disperse cold, qi and blood flow freely, let skin from inside to outside to show beauty.Among them, steamed red ginseng is 10 times concentrated, the active ingredients are easier to absorb, more conducive to cold and wet constitution;European patent precise extraction of 95% high purity active carob, ease of warming, and not hurt.In addition, the product has modern nutritional supplements, which can further improve the supplement, absorption and conditioning effects of the product, such as “iron”, an essential element for red blood cell formation, and concentrated powder of acerola cherry to promote the absorption of “iron” [2].It is worth mentioning that the product is easy to drink when opened in a bag, which effectively makes up for the deficiency of traditional suffering, time-consuming and laborious, and poor nutrition.And the mouth smooth, sweet taste, a trace of red ginseng bitter lingering on the tongue, there is no need to worry that you will not be used to drinking.The so-called “muscle” of a year lies in spring, so seize this good opportunity to take care of your skin and show your confidence with these two Henderson excellent products. [1] According to the test results of Wenzhou Medical University, the cell growth promoting power of humanoid collagen is 200 times that of traditional collagen.[2]GB 28050 General rules for nutrition labeling of prepackaged foods.