Li Chendian, a powerful general of the Hunan Army, died suddenly at the age of 27.Do you think he has a chance

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Zeng Guofan was one of the four famous ministers in the late Qing Dynasty. His greatest contribution to the late Qing Dynasty was to set up the Xiang Army to suppress the Taiping rebellion. At last, he led his troops to invade the city of Nanjing occupied by Hong Xiuquan and put an end to the great uprising.After putting down the Taiping Rebellion, Zeng Guofan also participated in the elimination of the Twist army and the host of westernization, so that he could do his utmost for the late Qing Dynasty.He was a Confucianist strategist with his own theory of how to run the army. Under his management, he had many capable men.Under the leadership of Zeng Guofan, the Xiang army became a hardcore army. He also cultivated many generals, one of whom was Li Chendian.He was known as the “powerful general” in the Hunan Army, but he died young, and the cause of death is quite doubtful.Li Chendian was born in Jukoupu Town, Xinshao, Hunan province. His father died at an early age, leaving them orphaned and widowed.He and his younger brother struggled to grow up under the tugging of their mother.When his mother died, she was too poor to buy a coffin and had to be buried wrapped in a straw mat.His poor family did not have the opportunity to study, in order to survive to cut horse straw to sell, but he is a ghost, after selling horse straw to others and then stole back to sell to others, so he can get double income.Zeng Guoquan led the Xiang army to meet Li Chendian, who had just touched the loach, after passing through Jukoupu.At this time, he is shirtless, carrying loach to sell in the market.On the road to see the Hunan army, was immediately shocked by their mighty breath.Zeng Guoquan also noticed this energetic young man, so he dismounted and talked with him.Zeng Guoquan asked Li Chendian about his family and he told them all.Zeng Guoquan saw that he was a good young man. It would be a pity to live by catching loach every day.So they asked Li Chendian whether to join the Xiang Army, Li Chendian agreed to do not think.Later, under the guidance of Zeng Guoquan, he joined the army of Wang Zhen and became a Xiang soldier.Later, Zeng Guoquan went to Jiangxi to support the campaign. Li Chendian also went with him and became a soldier in the Ji Zi Battalion.In the battle of Ji ‘an in Jiangxi province, Zeng Guoquan was heavily wounded, Li Chendian showed a surprising fighting capacity, turned the tide will taiping army beat back and kill the Yongfeng area, making the war in an instant reversed the situation.Afterwards, Zeng Guoquan praised him for his intreptitude and promoted him to guard baoqing Camp, and then ordered him to lead troops to recover Jingdezhen and Fuliang.At that time, Li Chendian was famous in the Xiang army. At that time, there was a saying that “Zeng Guofan had Zeng Guoquan, and Zeng Guoquan had Li Chendian”.Capture of Nanjing Li Chendian joined the Xiang army, has been outstanding achievements, he also became a member of zeng Guoquan.Although he had never read much, he was very wise about war, and in many cases he was not always brave.After the Battle of Xiaojiyi, Li Chendian won a great victory and was promoted to the rank of du si by the imperial court and rewarded hua Ling.Later, in the Battle of Anqing, Zeng Guoquan fell off his horse and was seriously injured. Li Chendian also appeared in time to save him from danger.Later, in the city of Anqing, Li Chendian fought the leaders of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom, Chen Yucheng and Yang Fuqing.The other side led more than 10,000 people to besiege Li Chendian in the city, and the two sides fought for several days without deciding the outcome.At this time, Li Chendian told other generals “success or failure is at stake” and then took the lead in rushing out, and finally captured The city of Anqing with the help of the major military camps. He was also given the title of “Gang Yong Batulu”.Take Anqing, the next step is to take the city of Nanjing.In the first year of Tongzhi, Li Chendian joined Zeng Guoquan in attacking Nanjing, the capital of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom.Li Chendian took the lead in capturing the town of Danyang and moling Pass.But at this time in the army epidemic, so that the war again and again stranded.And the Taiping army there got the support of Li Xiucheng, he and the other side to take a diversion of attack, at the same time besieging Li Chendian and Zeng Guoquan.Zeng Guoquan was wounded in the neck by gunfire in the battle, Li Chendian and deputy Ni Guijie desperately to protect his retreat, ni Guijie on the way unfortunately killed.Later, Li Chendian saw through the tactics of the Taiping army, with the rest of the troops desperate resistance, finally able to rescue, after the imperial court was appointed as the commander.Tongzhi two years, Li Chendian in the name of the governor led troops against Yuhuatai Stone city.Soon after, he was appointed as the commander-in-chief of Henan Shangqiu, and Xiao Fusi and others led the attack on purple Mountain.Then they marched all the way to tianbao city and stood at the edge of the city wall.In May, Li Chendian led his troops to attack the city of Dibao, causing many casualties on both sides.Then Li Chendian sent spies to investigate the trend of taiping army in the city, spies report back that “the city of limited food and grass, and the army combat effectiveness is getting tired”, Li Chendian immediately reported to Zeng Guoquan.He said, “The Taiping army is already out of line. Let’s not attack in a hurry. It won’t be long before something will happen to them.Then Li Chendian sent wu Zongguo, his deputy, to dig the tunnel day and night. After 15 days, the tunnel was finished.The next day, Li Chendian ordered people to attack with mines as cover, he took other soldiers through the tunnel into the city of Nanjing.As soon as they entered the city, they went crazy and killed all the people with long hair and newly shaved hair. Altogether, they killed more than one hundred thousand thieves. Blood flowed into the river in Nanjing and the Taiping Army forces were finally disbanded.Later, because of his meritorious service in capturing Nanjing, Emperor Tongzhi conferred li Chendian the title of first class viscount, as well as a yellow mandarin jacket and a plum for both eyes.But before the imperial edict was sent to the camp, Li Chendian died at the age of 27.In the history of the Qing Dynasty, it is recorded that li Chendian indulged ten women in one night and finally died of excessive sex.Is that really the case?The real cause of death li Chendian since joining the Hunan Army, there is no about his “lecherous and indulgent” argument spread out.However, in the biography of Zeng Guofan, it was recorded that he was lecherous, after invading the capital of Nanjing, he paid the beauty of Hong Xiuquan’s harem into his tent, and finally led to his death.But judging from zeng Guofan’s behavior, if one of his subordinates had such a dissolute man, he would not have turned a blind eye to him and would certainly have punished him.But in the correspondence between Zeng Guofan and Zeng Guo-quan, this matter was never mentioned.And when Li Chendian attacked Nanjing, Zeng Guofan wrote a report to Emperor Tongzhi, which recorded li Chendian’s two injuries.Once, he was wounded twice while digging a tunnel. Once, li Chendian was in charge of guarding the entrance of the tunnel and was wounded in the waist by a shell.Later, Zeng Guofan wrote a book for him, detailing the process from his injury to his death.Li Chendian was wounded at the mouth of the cave on The 15th, and aggravated his injury when he entered nanjing on the 16th.When he returned to Yuhuatai camp on The 20th, doctors said he had missed the best time for treatment of his waist injury.On July 23, li refused to take medicine. As a result, he succumbed to his injuries and died on July 2.From this analysis results can be seen, Li Chendian in nanjing city in the waist has been seriously injured, even if the beauty is not happy to enjoy ah, so it is absurd to say that he died of excessive lust.