Makihara’s pay cut!Layoffs in a state!The giant is over $200 billion in debt!Who will be next?

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“Makihara collective pay cut by 10-50%!”After Makihara issued the news of “stock incentive”, a news about makihara’s big salary cut went viral in the industry!According to the investigation, at present many head pig enterprises have different degrees of “salary reduction, layoffs”, but did not expect this gust of wind also blow to profit 8 billion mu yuan body!Each pig enterprise’s “capital crisis” has not allowed to ignore, but still in the intensifies the expansion, “eagle” tragedy may be repeated……It is reported that Makihara pays his salary on the 15th of every month, but recently he has “cut his salary”!In addition to the breeding technicians, the logistics and cadres declined to varying degrees, with the highest drop of 40%.The monthly take-home pay of each position will be reduced by 10% to 50% compared to December 2021.The “salary cut event” of Makihara has attracted wide attention, not only because of its great reputation, but also because it is the only profitable head pig enterprise in 2021.If even the original because of financial problems and to “large-scale salary reduction”, so the majority of pig enterprises face difficulties can be imagined.It’s worth noting that Prior to the pay cut, Makihara also issued the so-called “restricted stock Incentive Plan 2022,” awarding 81,080,700 restricted stock shares to 6,093 people.However, this kind of “give stock and cut salary” behavior is still unfriendly to employees, because salary is real income, but stock is full of “mysterious” variable.Tangrenshen formed a sharp contrast with Mu Yuan. Tangrenshen not only took out 4.98% of the shares to carry out equity incentive in three phases, but also raised the salary of the front-line employees by 10%!Tao’s position is admirable, but the salary increase comes with a caveat: in 2022, “If you don’t earn more, leave!”The implication is clear: companies don’t want to “cut wages” during the pig cycle, but do whatever it takes to survive!Pay cuts, billions of dollars in debt!In fact, since the middle of 2021 pig enterprises generally exist “pay cut, drive people”.For example, Tianbang has laid off more than 1500 people, and for some pig farms whose “production performance and cost reduction performance” cannot reach the standard, there is about 50% salary reduction!In addition, there was a news of “employees voluntarily reducing their salaries” in Zhengbang, and The National Business Daily further learned from zhengbang employees that the company did indeed begin to reduce salaries by 10%, and carried out a large area of personnel optimization in the whole group, with a scale of more than 10,000 people……However, for a pig enterprise, the biggest cost is not the “labor cost”, the pig farm project cost is particularly difficult, so many pig enterprises have suspended some pig projects in 2021, some pig farms were even demolished.The industry is widespread in the above situation, investigate its fundamental reason, only one – “lack of money”!Today, many pig companies are heavily indebted: New Hope had debts of 85.161 billion yuan in January this year;(China Economic Net) Makihara had an interest-bearing debt of nearly 50 billion yuan in December;(Sina Financial news) Zhengbang had total debt of 44.789 billion yuan in September last year;(Beijing News) Wen’s interest-bearing liabilities totaled 37.444 billion yuan in June;That is to say, the debts of the “pig giants” may have reached 217.394 billion yuan!But inexplicably, even in their own capital constraints, debt piled up under the circumstances, the pig companies still want to expand aggressively!According to the statistics of power network reporter, up to now makihara, Wenshi and New Hope have said that they will increase production significantly, and the total increase in production in 2 years will reach 41 million pigs!Admire!The “courage” of each big pig enterprise has to be admired!In this case, do you think there will be the next “baby eagle”?Photo source: Baidu Photo, article source: Pengrong Pig Farm power network