Game Science reveals hidden details of black Myth: Monkey King’s New Year of the Tiger short film

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As the year of the ox “black mythology: the wu is empty” video, the coming game science in the year of the tiger, give many concerned about game development progress of players with a surprise, except this time they did not like the past to real machine game screen, but with the absurd and self-mockery, live action short with humor.Even the interviewees in the film are not themselves, but are played by extras.But even with just over a minute of actual gameplay in the film, there are a few noteworthy clues that reveal some of the game’s previously unseen content.We’ve found some interesting parts to share with you, but all of the following is speculation, due to the lack of time, may be wrong, please forgive me.At the beginning of the video, we see a monster lying in the woods. If you can’t see it now, it will reappear at 7:28 in the original video.After careful identification, we can see that it is the same minotaur that appeared in last year’s New Year greeting video.While we can’t confirm its identity in the game yet, the implication here is undoubtedly that the Year of the Ox has passed.23 seconds into the video, a new scene appears, a giant tree seemingly withered on the top of the mountain, surrounded by scattered pagodas of various sizes, there is no more information in the picture to see where this scene is.However, the famous towering giant trees in the original work of Journey to the West, such as ginseng fruit trees in Wuzhuang View, and bodhi trees in Lingtai Fangcun Mountain, I do not know which scene is reproduced here or there is another explanation.58 seconds video, we have a small temple in front of the pond, saw a new frog blame fell on the leading role, from the perspective of the shape of the temple, there are some suspected in the story of journey to the west, sun wukong war er lang shen, sun wukong the changes of the temple, in the original novel, there have been two lang absolute being a ZuoTai three years of frog in situ incarnation as a clue.Therefore, the battle scene here may be related to the legend of Erlang God.In addition, there is a detail is the monkeys here is dressed up, waist skirt has tied the tiger skin, be familiar with the 86 version of “journey to the west” series of friends, may think that this is tang’s monk is sun wukong to stay up late stitched, but in fact, in the original novel, the tiger dress completely is the product of sun wukong self-sufficiency, and tang’s monk has nothing to do.However, at this stage of the plot, Wukong and Tang Priest have already met. At the same time, a closer look at the weapon in the monkey’s hand shows that it is not a stick, but more like a crutch. We have not found more allusions about this weapon in the original work.One minute and 15 seconds into the video, what appears to be a Black bear spirit from Kurofeng Mountain appears again, but the difference is that in the last trailer, when the main character monkey charges at the black Bear Monster, his stick is superposed with an ice-like spell effect.This time, the stick in your hand is superimposed with the effect of a fire spell.From the beginning of 7 minutes and 25 seconds of the video, it focuses on showing a real screen in the game. The tiger monster here is the same tiger monster that appeared in the fourth preheating segment last year before the release of the second official trailer of the game. Obviously, the implication here is the coming Year of the Tiger.However, the more noteworthy detail here is that the protagonist monkey appears here. He has a gold hoop on his head, which is not seen in the trailer before. Is the monkey here different from the monkey before?Finally, the grilled fish restaurant “Gao Jianwai” appears in the video at 11 minutes and 13 seconds. Although it is a scientific self-mockery game that fails to make it into the catering industry, the name of the restaurant undoubtedly comes from Gao Jianwai of Gao Laozhuang in the original story of Journey to the West.In the novel, Gao’s daughter, Gao Cuilian, is rescued from a local bully by Zhu Bajie. In return for his kindness, Gao betrothed Gao Cuilian to Zhu Bajie.Which know pig eight quit complacent, in the wedding banquet on a cup of drunkenness and show true form, had better be accepted by Sun Wukong and become a member of tang’s monk team.In addition, there are many glimpses of the content, for example, 40 seconds in the video, a new row of stone Buddha is also a scene that has not been seen before.At 61 seconds in the video, the new character appears in the form of white film with his ear hanging over his shoulder, while the small Buddha statue leaning against the wall in the distance here is suspected to be one of the four Heavenly Kings, dongfang Zhiguo Heavenly King holding a pipa.At one minute and 18 seconds into the video, what appears to be a horned beetle monster emerges from the ground, while the tower in the background appears to have been seen in previous trailers.There is also a bipedal upright monster with a dragon head appearing for the first time in the video at 2 minutes and 25 seconds. At present, we have not been able to find out the origin of these monsters from the original work. If you have new discoveries, please let me know in the comments.The above are the new details of the game worth paying attention to in the video of “Black Myth: Monkey King”.About game follow-up new report, pay attention to big Qin game.Play games to daqin game platform!