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Now China has become the world’s first car market, the annual Capacity of the Chinese market accounts for more than 30% of the world, which means that the domestic car market competition is very fierce, many brands, strong products, in the head of the car companies control most of the market today, few new brands can break through.But if it can emerge in this market, it will prove its strength in the world.Today we will introduce the world-class strength model, from the listing to now, the cumulative order has more than 40,000 vehicles, just listed won the recognition of most people, why?Changan Auchan X7PLUS is the first PLUS flagship SUV launched by Changan Auchan, which was founded just 3 years ago. The first power must be flagship.In recent years, with the rapid development of domestic technology, domestic engines have gradually gained the trust of users, and the X7PLUS uses the best of them: blue whale’s new-generation 1.5t high-pressure direct injection engine.The engine is powerful, with a maximum power of 138kW and a maximum torque of 300N·m, which is enough to propel the compact SUV to a speed of 08.23s and even a maximum speed of 214km/h in high-speed loop testing.Not even the VW EA211 1.5T EVO or gm’s Ecotec 1.5T have the same performance parameters as blue Whale’s new NE 1.5T, which can take you not only for city walks but also for hiking and camping. You can trust Blue Whale.The important thing is that the engine is very stable and fuel-efficient, with both the twin vortex tube and the dual outlet integrated exhaust manifold technology derived from F1 cars helping it to save energy and reduce emissions. Combined fuel consumption is as low as 6.6L per 100km.Therefore, this engine should be awarded the title of China’s top ten engines.In addition, the blue Whale wet 7DCT transmission with transmission efficiency up to 94.3% has passed the rigorous test of Chang ‘an automobile for 8 million kilometers, which can be said to represent the cutting-edge level of the same products in terms of power performance and stability.Of course, it is necessary to run fast and brake well. The 100-zero braking distance of 38.57m is also the best in the same class, which is enough to see that Changan Auchan pays attention to power at the same time, but also can care about safety, so as to achieve all-round balance.Of course, you can’t just drive it, you have to look at it as a flagship SUV.As a young brand, Chang ‘an Auchan naturally knows the new aesthetic of the contemporary young user group.Double duplex dot matrix grille makes the front face look distinct, very eye-catching, head turning rate, with the whole system of standard split LED headlights, practical and beautiful.In the rear of the vehicle, the same system of standard through the light curtain taillight, like a word through the glow across the sky, the atmosphere does not lose movement, full of sense of science and technology and delicate sense.The 19-inch turbo-wheels are the finishing touch, giving the car power and soul.I have reason to believe that these configurations and designs complement each other and must stand out on the street.In the interior, and science and technology level, changan auchan X7PLUS as a flagship model, future-oriented chose 8 nuclear 2.2 HGz chip, voice recognition is very quick, application of second cut no fragmentation, did almost instantaneous response, operation flow to achieve the standard of the mobile phone, after all the years, we all can do better, but do use few,The X7PLUS is one that looks good and is easy to use.The intelligence of software is also very strong. A big news is that we can go out without the car keys, we can use face recognition to enter the car, and then open the seat memory through face recognition, so as to truly realize the unconscious entry and exit.Automatic parking is realized by 12 ultrasonic radars and 4 fisheye cameras.Want to park yourself?That’s no problem, the X7PLUS is equipped with transparent chassis technology, which makes parking easier with god’s view.Of course, mobile phone wireless charging, gesture recognition, remote control of the car phone such as the configuration is complete.I just want to ask, in the same price model, such configuration ceiling, who else!Change direction to think, if we buy a joint venture car, want to have these configurations, how much money ah, 200,000 or so joint venture car can have half even very conscience.So how much is the auchan X7PLUS?7.99-133,900, oh, it smells good!So the look and technology of the X7PLUS will certainly appeal to young consumers, but what about space and utility?At the same time, the ultra-long wheelbase of 2786mm makes the front and back space fully guaranteed, plus the flat floor of the back row, family travel no longer need to endure the crowded space, enough to meet the family “heavy” travel needs.In the selection of seats, Changan Auchan has also implemented the style of ergonomics + stacking, using high-quality microfiber leather, each seat has 12,000 air holes, to create a breathing seat.And adopt the same craft structure as luxury sofa, strong independent spring support feeling is very strong, multi-density filled sponge also make the seat very comfortable, who can refuse to be exhausted, can sit on the seat like a big sofa?From the seat alone, can see chang ‘an Auchan on the product of the degree of care and the details of each user care.Not only is the seat, in the aspect of sound insulation X7PLUS also do a perfect job, benefit from the car 52 all-round NVH program, and the same level of leading, the same price of the unique three-layer quiet structure glass, Changan Auchan made a 37 decibel breath level quiet space, is the top of the same level.At the same time, there are 17 acoustic damping materials in the invisible lower body of the car, and the details are enough to prove the degree of attention.Space, seats, noise and other aspects of the all-round, proved that changan Auchan X7PLUS this car in the young sports at the same time, but also take into account the family, it with many visible or invisible small details, set up the 130,000 yuan level of SUV flagship new benchmark.Editor’s summary: 3475 orders were received for Auchan X7PLUS on the launch day, indicating that auchan’s brand and products have been fully recognized by users.Enterprise strength is also a part of product strength, I believe that no one will doubt the hard strength of Changan Auchan, as you can see, changan Auchan brand has been running.The launch of Changan Auchan X7PLUS can also see the determination of Changan Auchan Automobile to “go with the better life”. The model is ahead of The Times in all aspects. I believe this will be a popular model