39 universities in Hebei computer major admission points: less than 500 points 20 universities to choose

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Computer major is popular in recent years, although the graduates has been increasing, the competition is also increasing, but with the “ring of biochemical material” compared to the unpopular professional such as computer related more high-paying jobs, 100 computer professional students, even the 50th place not top-notch medium is also can find the treatment work is done, outstanding graduates have jobs.So what university does Hebei province have computer major, admit cent how?Share with you below.Physics group in hebei province in 2021 undergraduate group of cast archives in 550 + (undergraduate course line 137 points and above) colleges and universities: this is hebei university in 2021, computer classes, some of the most professional admission points university (985 project) of the Northeastern University at qinhuangdao, admitted the highest points, north China electric power university, hebei university of technology this 2 times the original 211 university.The computer major of Northeastern University is its characteristic. In the fourth round of discipline evaluation, its computer science and technology was awarded A-, which is quite outstanding in China.Secondly, North China Electric Power University (Baoding), Hebei University of Technology, Hebei University, Hebei University of Engineering, Shijiazhuang Railway University’s computer is not bad, in the subject evaluation were rated C- class ~B- class, in Hebei province is also a computer strong school, but hebei University of Engineering computer professional file points did not reach more than 550.In 2021, the score of undergraduate application of Physics Group of Hebei Province shall be between 510 and 549 (exceeding the undergraduate score of 98 or above)In 2021, the computer majors of these universities are divided into 510~549 points in Hebei Province. Hebei University of Engineering’s computer is the national first-class major construction point, and its score is 538, which is cost-effective among universities with strong computer strength.The Finnish campus of Hebei University of Technology, a former 211 project university, scored very low, with 519 points for computer science.Finland Campus of HEPU is an overseas campus of Undergraduate level established by China in developed countries. If you apply for this major, you need to study abroad, but the advantage is that the admission score is low, so it is easier to take the exam.Physics group in hebei province in 2021 undergraduate group cast archives points between 413 and 508 colleges and universities: the university most polytechnics in hebei province, some weaker, and some of them are run by the local undergraduate colleges and universities, the computer professional cast archives points is low, is better to take an examination of, baoding institute of technology, hebei institute of technology of computer professional beyond undergraduate course line a few minutes there is hope.But don’t underestimate these schools. Even second-degree computer science majors often have better prospects than less popular majors at regular first-degree colleges.Major is chosen right, although because the school is poor without obtain employment advantage, but as long as major prospect is good still can continue to take an examination of grind.Note: the file score according to the hebei Education Examination institute, because of the different circumstances of each year to register, the file points often have a small fluctuation, the above file points for reference only!