Chess week: Genting King lineup ranking, version tends to balance, lineup a hundred flowers bloom

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I do not know the lineup and operation, chess week chess to balance the control of the new wind direction, from my strongest ranking.Hello, brothers!I’m Moang.This week’s version of the hot patch update, the lineup environment changes greatly, especially the three empire, the strength of the serious drop.Moang takes a look at the lineups that genting’s top players are playing in week 2 of version 12.2, and which lineups are the best choices for ranking.Top player line-up statistics this time moang statistics statistics ionia server ranked the top 30 heroes hot patch after the last 5 qualifying top 4 games.A total of 150 matches were counted, covering 30 lineup systems. After the replay, a total of 360 matches were entered in the first four games and 90 matches were played.You can clearly see the first, second, third and fourth positions of each lineup in the picture, hoping to help you better understand the trend of lineup changes and lineup strength.Guys, give Moang a thumbs up for working so hard!Thanks a million!This week’s lineup environment is very different, but it has little impact on the top three players as it did last week: Cindy Garcon, Black & White and Saint Shield’s Mouth, but black & White and Saint Shield’s mouth are switched.The most frequently-eaten chicken of the week is still Cindy Gardner.Cindy’s heat after the hot patch of the lineup increased slightly compared to last week, with 56 points and 9 chicken games, ranking first in points and chicken.However, the number of eating points and chicken farms decreased significantly. In a match, there were about 2-3 farms. The eating points were relatively stable, but the proportion of eating chicken in the first four was relatively low in the mainstream lineup.Shield’s mouth line is hot this week, with 41 games played, ranking second in points played.However, this lineup has only 6 games of high scoring, with a very low percentage of 14.63%, which belongs to this version of the bad scoring king lineup.The black and white team is also the same, it has 33 games, the second most points, but only 4 of the 33 games eat chicken, chicken top four accounted for a very low 12.12%, completely reduced to the version of bad points lineup, statistics even one game top feater 8 black devil +4 white devil +4 scholar, also just eat chicken ass.The inventor system has seen a slight increase in popularity this week, with 5 inventions and 28 wins, ranking fourth in wins and 8 wins, ranking second in wins.There are 15 games for 7 inventions this week, but the number of chicken games is as high as 15, accounting for 46.67% of the first four chicken games. Compared with the mainstream lineup, inventor system belongs to the most stable lineup of this version.The empire system suffered a major nerf in the hot patch, which greatly affected the stats this week. In particular, the imperial law squad player selection rate dropped significantly, and the number of battles played this week was only 9, but the number of battles played was slightly higher with 4 battles.Empire stabbing men completely become the edge of the lineup, a total of only 8 times, but there are 4 games scored and all ranked in the top two, as long as it is exclusive to eat points or relatively stable.This week the empire challenge Shamira heat increase, total eat 19 times, and 10 eat chicken, chicken ranking joint third.The proportion of chicken eaters in the mainstream lineup was slightly higher at 36.84 percent.Mutant Colossus lineup heat has not changed much from last week, 16 games for points, 4 games for chicken.But in the statistics found that a brother SAO routine is in the mutation of the time to hang lachos, used for the main C, the mutation effect should be the synaptic network, the intensity is particularly high, 2 games 2 games eat chicken.Gun fighting system this week player choice rate dropped significantly, 2 sets of system lineup to eat points only 19 times, of which the fighting gun 13 games, eat points ranked ninth, but this lineup eat chicken field more times reached 5 games, eat chicken four accounted for up to 38.46%.And the alchemy guns this week only 6 games scored, 3 games chicken, 2 games second, 1 game fourth, in the ultra low appearance rate can have such a high rate of top two, lineup strength is very good.Snipe god system this week the most severe heat drop, the average 2 games only 1 player choice, 2 sets of mainstream snipe god system have fallen out of the top 15 points to eat.Bodyguard blitzer, st. Blitzer and gambling small cannon 3 sets of lineup together only 16 eat points, eat chicken farm times a total of 5 games, the intensity dropped extremely serious.This week’s dark horse lineup should be 6 about del big head, the player choice rate is not high, only 7 players have chosen this lineup, Moang statistics after careful accounting for many times, a total of 15 games, 12 games eat points, 6 games eat chicken, this lineup eat points and eat chicken rate is very high.But this lineup disadvantage is also very big, 3 games did not eat points are eighth.But in any case, the rise of the six Yodels, who have been treated as an entertainment line-up for a season, has become a strong mainstream line-up.Another thing to say is the hot and sour powder lineup. This week, the heat warmed up, eating 10 times, and there are 3 chicken, the lineup is slightly different from before, the C position has not changed but abandoned the Holy Grail idea of normal costume, there is a rising trend.Strong lineup recommendation below according to the convention, mo ang gives you a few versions of the most strong on the lineup, I hope you can be in the next week strong wave big points!Cindy plus Thorn can be said to be the evergreen tree at the end of this season, the upper limit of the lineup is very high, if can have 2 stars Akali, chicken is very stable, and the main clown in the early and middle transition is more strong, but in general, the lineup compared to the 5 stage operation and Akali can be 2 stars earlier, otherwise it can only be scored.* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *And the late main C akali key equipment is the resurrection armor, to ensure that there are fewer accidents in 1 star, other pick up garbage increase method can be strong, the best is the resurrection + endless + ion/Blue Ba.The other assassin, Ike, will consider ghost book + Ice Heart to increase his control over the enemy’s rear row, and give all the extra tank equipment to Bloom.Hex enhancement is best in terms of syndicate and assassin’s heart/soul/turn, smoke bomb, Throat cut battle, others fight side by side, stand behind me, one for all, payday, Direct Vulnerability, binary, skyrocket, etc.Holy shield mouth heat increased this week, and this lineup eating points is very stable, as long as the front galen or Cassadine tan degree is high enough, stable blood fast, the back row even if the mouth equipment is not too high can also eat points, if the mutant fetor is super adrenal or kill when eating chicken ability will be greatly improved.But no matter what, unless the lineup has three stars and the gear fit is super high, it’s going to be tough.Equipment on the main consideration of the front galen or Kasadine tando equipment, can resist the rear row mouth to have high output.Galen fanatic + anti armor/Dragon tooth + drink blood, Cassadine three star can also be the main tank installed slightly different from Galen fanatic + anti armor + ion spark, mouth usually attack speed equipment is good, optimal knife + monster + mercury/justice.Hex side featherweight, DD block best, other astral blessing mutant heart/Soul/turn, Holy Shield/Academy/Gunner/Blitzer.Inventor system inventors can now become the most stable version to eat chicken strength of the squad, as long as jess come early, temple degree will be greatly promoted, and hot and sour powder (not the holy grail, normal out outfit) team transfers, high strength, C a changeable saller Fanny, big head, the liana, grains are the main C, if we can have invented heart/roll, team strength is enhanced greatly,Eating points and eating chicken are very stable.Equip on master Tanjas consider tando equip dragon tooth, anti-armor, fanatic best, 7 invent under Embers master C suggest Lighttongue, Endless, Quicksilver or Hurricane with Catastrophe, if 5 invent is Salefany or Oriana master C suggest dragon blade, ghost book + magic strong equipment, if big head master C suggest Bully charm + archangel + tech knife.If hex has an inventor’s heart/soul, he must take it. The dragon output, tank and control ability of 7 inventors are all first-class.Self repair, binary to lineup promotion is also very high;Others to consider are false fronts, ascends, side by side, Astral blessing, broken stopwatch (Embers C), scholar/enforcer/White Demon/Celebrity heart/soul, etc.After the empire challenge hot patch, the empire was nerfed, the strength of the three heroes of the Empire decreased, but the impact on Shamira was the least, the strength is still very high, and the empire peers without the lineup is easier to form, Shamira is easier to 3 stars, eat points and eat chicken are very stable.Equipped with main consideration on the endless Sally “language of light, and the optimal, drinking blood tandoori equipment can give the crow gargoyles, fanatics, dragon teeth optimal, rubbing the comparison suggest jian ji vice C, can quickly to help novice monk trigger challenge fetter, suggested a new method, justice + resurrection or Titan, if there is turn to jian ji empire.If I have someone on my side, short force is the best, others can consider the pose, astral blessing (can drink blood in exchange for the monster), Pandora, Project Source, Titan Power, empire challenge heart/soul/turn, etc.The strength of the giant bugs decreases slightly after the mutant colossus is hot patched, but the rows become fewer and form faster, especially when the mutant fetters are stronger in the super adrenal gland and synaptic network.Now there are two ways to play bugs: one is redemption, Titan + Tando gear flow, the other is Hurricane flow, Hurricane + Titan + Holy Shield turn/Uplift armor (Orn artifact) strength is good;For the synaptic network, graspster suggests the main C: Blue Bully + Ghost book + science knife/resurrection, and the synapse of the flirty set has a mutation turn. The main C: Mutation turn + blue buff+ Spell blast/hat/killer, which is very high in intensity.If hex has armor plating, ascension and unstable evolution are the best. Other options include Astral blessing, Upwind Spirit, hunting rhythm, Source project, ancient archives, mutation and Dark Spirit.The above sets of lineups are relatively stable on this version of the lineup, not the most stable, you must remember that the top score ≠ eat chicken, do not know what lineup points friends can choose.Can help you on points is the original intention of Mo Ang do strategy, I hope you can enjoy the fun of playing chess happy games!# Genting S6#