“Li Tao” Song of Beijing Winter Olympics (part 1)

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To read more about Yimen Village, click “Follow”.The song of Beijing Winter Olympics (one), Li Tao, the City of double Olympics, will meet Beijing to compete together;The dream of the five rings, all come to China to compete with each other.About ice and snow, Olympic rings can;The sports spirit of Beijing and Zhang will last for generations.Distinguished guests welcome the heads of state of five continents to China;A gathering of athletes and four seas of stars shine over Beijing.Hand to hand, five star bright national anthem;Heart to heart, nine harmonious Winter Olympics open.Chinese Year of the Tiger, countdown to the opening of spring ribbon cutting;Beijing Longmai, welcome qu Qu grass sheng Hui.The grass is fragrant, the spring breeze blows to welcome the Winter Olympics;Snow holy, yuyu floating down the bird’s nest.Huhu xiongfeng, Beijing Winter Olympics stars can;The burning flame, the Chinese Spring Festival flavor thick.Ice and snow five rings, breaking the ice and out of the eyes bright;National double Olympic, for the country and armor.By chance in spring, all things recover new atmosphere;Welcome the Winter Olympics, the five rings rising good time.Live up to the spring, the stars of the Five Rings can;Light the torch, double Olympic city in many attractions.Winter Olympics flag raising, all continents all attention;Spring music, long march widely praised.Struggle courageously, can defend can attack can fight;Civilized competition, higher, faster and more united.Warm spring breeze, nine regions carry forward the true, good and beautiful;Hold the torch high, seven relay old and young.Double happiness, spring encounter dragon festival;New huancai, the Winter Olympics happy tiger year.The Olympic Games in pairs, snowflakes warm to China;Torch legend praises Beijing.Ignition innovation, low light environmental protection set a precedent;Spring praise, low carbon energy saving for kun.Illustrious heroes, eight immortals comparable kua team;Famous director, double Olympic legend praise art.Resume: Li Tao was born in 1948, joined the army in 1968, got a bachelor’s degree, was a political commissar of a PLA department, a retired military cadre, was born in Pucheng County, Shaanxi Province.Successively served as standing director of Chinese Couplet Association, vice president of Gansu Province Couplet Association, etc., was awarded the “National Couplet hundred Jun”, 2009 national Couplet news figure first.He has published thousands of couplets and hundreds of poems, and won many awards.He is the author of A book called Poetry and Words of Heart.Source: author Author: Li Tao