Reset!All locally confirmed cases in Shaanxi have been cured and discharged from hospital

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Xi ‘an, Xinhua News Agency, February 6 (Reporter Lin Juan)According to the Health Commission of Shaanxi Province, no new COVID-19 cases, suspected cases and asymptomatic carriers have been reported in The province from 00:00 to 24:00 on February 5. Seven local confirmed cases have been cured and discharged from hospital.All local confirmed cases in Shaanxi have been cured and discharged from hospital.Yang Lianchang, deputy director of the Shaanxi Provincial Health Commission, said 2,080 local confirmed cases have been reported in Shaanxi since December 9, 2021, including 2,053 in Xi ‘an city, 13 in Xianyang City, 13 in Yan ‘an city and 1 in Weinan City, all of which have been treated in Xi ‘an.Three hospitals in Shaanxi have been designated as designated hospitals, and 47 isolation wards with 2,106 beds have been opened. More than 5,000 medical workers have been stationed in isolation wards in designated hospitals.Yang lianchang introduced that Shaanxi has strengthened the system of joint consultation between national and provincial experts and joint consultation between traditional Chinese and western medicine experts, adopted multidisciplinary joint diagnosis and treatment, and actively carried out discussions on difficult and critical cases at both ward and hospital levels, striving to achieve homogeneity and standardized diagnosis and treatment.At the same time, Shaanxi has set up pediatric medical teams and stationed them in designated hospitals, equipped with obstetricians and neonatologists as well as equipment and facilities, and set up family wards to strengthen nursing guidance for unaccompanied infants and children, so as to ensure that both COVID-19 treatment and routine treatment in pediatrics and obstetrics are ensured.For elderly patients, medical staff provide personalized nursing measures and humanistic care, strengthen patient safety early warning management.Shaanxi has also set up a provincial-level expert group of psychological intervention for medical treatment, which has sent more than 20 psychological experts to designated hospitals to make ward rounds, evaluate and intervene in more than 1,000 cases, relieving patients’ nervous mood.As of 24:00 on February 5, xi ‘an city had reported a total of 2053 local confirmed cases since December 9, 2021, when a new local confirmed case was reported.Li qun, director of the Chinese center for disease control and prevention health emergency center after an interview with Xinhua News Agency, said the outbreak of xi ‘an is our country since the outbreak of wuhan, the number of cases of what has happened in a large city, one of the biggest, most local outbreaks, rendering a little more, noodles wide, the community spread and clustering with the various forms of concurrent, rise fierce characteristics.In order to contain the spread of the epidemic, Xi ‘an city implemented closed management of communities (villages) and units in the city on December 23, 2021.Party members and officials rushed to the front, medical workers went against the tide, and tens of thousands of citizens came to help each other. The epidemic prevention and control situation is steadily improving. On December 29, 2021, the first four COVID-19 patients were cured and discharged from hospital.On January 10, social cases were eliminated.On January 24, xi ‘an cleared medium-high risk areas;On February 5, all local confirmed cases in Shaanxi were cured and discharged from hospital.Xi ‘an DISEASE control and Prevention experts reminded that “low risk does not mean no risk”. In view of the transmission characteristics of novel coronavirus, in the normal stage of epidemic prevention and control, the general public should still take preventive measures such as “wearing masks, washing hands frequently and keeping a safe distance of more than 1 meter”.Source: Xinhua