“Warm holiday 2” : the correct view of money, really will bring a woman a lifetime of happiness

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Domino first saw Warm Holiday 2 because of Chen Hyuk, who liked Tseng’s “cheap” look.Although Chen He changed into the rich second generation of the background in this play, but the body of the Son of Kong is still everywhere with “cheap” sex, let a person see let a person not stop laughing.But halfway through the series, Domino is slowly attracted to the cheng family’s three “money obsessed” women.Money is cheng Man’s confidence.Played by Liu Tao cheng Tenge, the appearance is elite women do.However, her marriage was not happy, her daughter was not good, and she was only full of dedication and enthusiasm for her career.To borrow the words of Cheng man’s ex-husband, “Your mother’s desire for romance is different from others. She would rather have a wechat red envelope for her birthday than ask me to draw her portrait by myself for more than a month.”Yes, chengman’s world is full of the smell of money.She not only loves money in life, but also plays with it in work.Because, cheng man is a well-known financing manager in the industry.In the process, Cheng Man not only made more money, but also made himself stronger.Because of this, Cheng Man can continue to hire private teachers for her daughter in Shanghai, commission results.Perhaps, these are not doudou willing to accept.However, no one can deny that a good financial foundation is a prerequisite for receiving additional education.Because of this, Cheng Man can say to his mother: “Leave the house to me. My daughter is back.”More because of this, Cheng Man can say to the woman who plans to be doudou’s stepmother: “Roll!”Because, this woman actually let Cheng Man help her ex-husband pay off debts, and then in exchange for their daughter.Cheng man replied, “Tian Shuang is my own daughter. Why should I spend money to buy her back?”Translation: I have money, I want a daughter, and it’s none of your business.Even Doudou’s grandmother thought it would be better for her child to follow Cheng Man.Dou Dou took thousands of suitcases, and the child’s father even Harbin foreign Language school expenses can not come out.Although she had a selfish side, she wanted her son to remarry as soon as possible.But it is also true that Dou Dou will enjoy better material conditions and get more opportunities with her mother.Having money is definitely cheng Man’s original goal in life.Because, cheng tenman wants to stand firm in Shanghai.Because, cheng tenman wants to raise daughter dou Dou.Because Cheng Man has never wanted to rely on others, including his parents.The money in hand is a sense of security.And this goal, also further achievement of her social status.Money can help themselves, can also destroy themselves, cheng Shu is the most sober understanding.Former boyfriend Wei Qi help Cheng Shu also foreign debt, always want to debt-for-equity, righteously participate in the management of b&B, and then have more opportunities to close to Cheng Shu.Cheng Shu had to go to discuss with her boyfriend Liao Ran, help her put weiqi’s money back.Although, in liao Ran’s view, a hundred thousand is not a huge sum of money, but Cheng Shu insisted on giving him ious, do not want to put the money and feelings entangled together.Liao Ran think this is his distrust, Cheng Shu is afraid of their own too dependent on Liao Ran, and finally become a waste.Cheng Shu has always been very much in need of money, because only money can make home stay.But she is not willing to unconditionally accept liao Ran’s help, this is cheng Shu’s bottom line.It was not because she was lofty or wanted to draw a line between herself and Liao Ran, but because she was afraid that such “help” would make her too dependent on her and make her lose her goal of struggle or even her ability to make money.This was cheng Man for sister shortcomings of the accurate evaluation, did not think of Cheng Shu himself has also realized.Money can make you happy, but it can also make you lazy.Therefore, Cheng Shu can take borrowed money to solve the temporary suffering, but do not want to take the money presented, has been chic and happy.Compared with her boyfriend’s pet, Cheng Shu hopes to become strong and independent after a series of changes.A woman who is under pressure to reach out to others will not really grow up, Cheng Shu has been very clear about this point.It was Cheng Miao’s greatest luck to find a job that earned her money and she loved.Cheng Miao is a little girl who has just stepped into the society. In fact, she has not been ruthlessly attacked by the society.But they also love money, why on earth?Cheng Miao’s school is a third-rate university, and even so, she ranks at the bottom of the school.Cheng miao’s parents are not very successful people. They have lived in the countryside all their lives. Their plan for their daughter is to find a relatively stable job.So, Cheng Miao is not confident about her future.So, Cheng Miao just hopes to earn enough money to support herself.As long as the money is in place, the content of the work doesn’t matter.This is the simplest pursuit for Cheng Miao after graduation.Because of this, Although Cheng Miao likes drones, she will directly consider whether the prize money of drones is equal to her efforts.After all, She thinks she is no longer young.It is precisely because of this mentality that Cheng Miao is not burdened with lofty ideals, but can more easily cope with the drone competition.When money becomes the driving force, Cheng miao’s goals are clear and unburdened.That’s actually her advantage.Of course, Cheng Miao’s disadvantage is also very obvious, that is very easy to shake.Whenever a target with more “money” appeared, Cheng Miao would immediately give up.Fortunately, Cheng Miao has a good grandmother who knows how to stimulate children’s interest.After some education, Cheng Miao realized that his love of drone racing wasn’t all about making more money.Sanmao: the comedy of the world does not need money to be able to produce, the tragedy of the world more than half and money can not take off the relationship.So there is nothing wrong with women loving money. It may not make us too happy, but at least it protects us from tragedy.But the premise that the woman loves money is, want to resemble cheng home woman must learn to make money by oneself.I hope through the analysis of film and television characters, to bring you some happiness and comprehension in your dull life, please pay attention to film and television Domino!The original is not easy, plagiarism must be investigated.