“Watching movies for Lunar New Year benefits” brothers come on stage!”The Four Seas” Liu Haoran traveled all over the world

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The morning post today is the Spring Festival movie “The Four Seas”.(In addition, please note that the winning movie ticket codes of “Miracle Kid” have been sent to the background of private message successively, please note that check.)The film Four Seas, written and directed by Han Han, will be released on The first day of the lunar New Year.Recently released movie “edition” forecast, with engines roaring, o Liu Haoran plays the yao up locomotive, drift on the country road, on huandao road racing, in their cages and sped the stadium, “o make all trip, just kicked off – and between the crackle Yin Zheng, Zhou Qi, zhang yu hao played” unbeaten legend “team friends also assembled by:”Today is the day of my brothers.”The movie “The Four Sea” by Liu Haoran, Liu Haocun, Shen Teng, Yin Zheng, Qiao Shan, Zhou Qi, Wang Yanlin starring, Huang Xiaoming, Zhang Yu Hao, Chen Xiaochun, Wan Ziliang, Wu Yanshu, Zhao Ziqi, Gao Huayang special starring, Feng Shaofeng friendship, will be in 2022 on the first day of the national public screening, is currently hot pre-sale.The unique “car” element has become one of the hallmarks of Han’s works, from the cross-continent self-driving journey in The Continent, to the wonderful adventure of a racing driver in Ride the Waves, and the off-road rally in Pegasus.This “Four Seas” is no exception, although from the previous four rounds into two rounds in the film, but the blood temperament has not decreased.”You that convoy, usually where party live?””Our team doesn’t solicit, we compete.”On the island of south Australia that surrounds the sea all around, have the A Yao that a suit of car skill can be in wharf to lie alive only however, in encountered happy song (Yin zheng is acted the role of) those who lead “undefeated fokum” after caravan, not only opened the gate of new world, also brought the change that turn the world upside down for his life.In the “fight speed, than technology” racing career, self-proclaimed “I ride also good” yao has become the “most scarce talent” in the eyes of The song.The scene of locomotive dogfight and speed racing makes the movie “The Four Seas” dynamic and exciting.”Brothers appear on the day” in front of the journey of wandering lonely but warm in the hometown to be able to ride the wind and waves of yao, came to the big city, his ability will be recognized by others?At the end of the trailer, Yao in the attention of the motorcycle, ready to complete the pearl River crossing.This is accompanied by a song and confident monologue: “Today is the day of my brothers!”A single line is enough to get the audience excited and expecting more.”The motorcycle has clutches, life is more sad and happy”, although Yao is lonely in the wandering in the four seas, but the brothers cheer, still ring in his ears, also let a person feel bursts of warmth.Han Han, director of the Spring Festival season, the four Seas, a humorous and sad story, will be presented to the audience in a Yao’s journey across the world.And as the film “debut day” approach, “the four seas” heat is still continuing to climb, the first day of the lunar New Year, and a yao together in the four seas!The welfare Morning Post will give away 10 coupons for “Four Seas”.How to participate: click on this article to connect three times (like, watch and share moments), at the same time in the comments section of your New Year wishes, wishes and expectations for the film (do not copy online reviews and introduction in large sections).We will draw the lucky ones from the fans who meet the above conditions, and each one will be given a preferential viewing ticket. Please also pay attention to the private message background.We will announce the winners in the comments section two days later. Thank you.Congratulations to the following 10 fans, each got a “Miracle · Stupid Kids” movie coupon, please pay attention to the private message, and exchange according to the exchange instructions in time, overdue is considered to give up, if lost or expired due to personal reasons and failed to exchange, the platform will not be responsible, thank you.Zhang Yuyan, iMissD, Ma Erfeifei, Lording, People don’t talk much box, jun Xizi’s small circle of DeanDean strawberry grass east source: Nanjing Morning Post/Love Nanjing reporter, Li Xiaojie, editor: Shi Hongyan