Why did Shanghai’s new positive cases break 10,000?Respond to the

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Shanghai, April 5 (Xinhua) — The number of new positive cases in Shanghai exceeded 10,000 yesterday. Why did the number increase so fast?The number of new positive cases in Shanghai exceeded 10,000 for the first time yesterday, reaching 13,354 as a result of social screening.The omicron mutant strain spreads rapidly and is highly insidious, and the epidemic situation in Shanghai is still at a high level.In response, the city carried out a large-scale nucleic acid test yesterday, which is very important to eliminate risk points, cut the chain of transmission, and contain the spread of the epidemic as soon as possible.How about the nucleic acid screening in the whole city yesterday?With the active cooperation of the general public, the nucleic acid sampling work in this round of the city was generally stable and orderly.As of 8 o ‘clock on April 5, the city sampled a total of 25.665 million people, 2.427 million tubes, has completed testing 1.925 million tubes, the rest of the samples are still being tested.After the completion of this round of nucleic acid sampling in the city, what will be carried out next?During this round of large-scale sampling, many of them adopted the multi-mixed sampling method.For samples with abnormal test results, it is also necessary to collect and inspect the individuals contained in the samples door by door.The people involved in the abnormal results of the mixed production pipe are being re-examined.After the completion of the re-inspection, Shanghai will speed up the transport isolation as the most urgent task at present.Once new positive infected persons are found, they must be transferred immediately, cleared and settled daily, and all receivables should be collected and separated.In accordance with the ninth version of the National guidelines on diagnosis and treatment, we will do our best to treat infected patients, strengthen treatment by category, carry out traditional Chinese medicine intervention treatment, stockpile and use new drugs, and do our best to reduce the rate of severe illness and death.How do we monitor the health of patients who have been discharged from designated hospitals and makeshift hospitals?The first batch of positive patients were discharged from the Makeshift hospital of the Expo Exhibition Center on April 3.In accordance with the national plan, Shanghai Municipality has formulated health management standards for discharged patients with positive infection in designated hospitals and makeshift hospitals.Before leaving the hospital, the hospital shall carry out terminal disinfection of relevant items and the environment, including the cleaning and disinfection of patients’ personal belongings such as luggage, clothing and personal belongings.Used disposables, household refuse and disposables are disposed of as medical waste.After discharge, transfer back to the residence for health monitoring.Many citizens have received traditional Chinese medicine for prevention, can you introduce the situation in this respect?Traditional Chinese medicine has played a positive role in COVID-19 prevention and control.Municipal expert group of TCM and designated hospitals carried out clinical diagnosis and treatment according to the ninth edition of TCM diagnosis and treatment plan, combined with the characteristics of Shanghai TCM syndrome differentiation, and achieved good results.Shanghai is carrying out prevention and intervention of TRADITIONAL Chinese medicine for the whole population. So far, more than 21 million copies of TCM preventive medicines have been distributed to various streets and towns, helping to build epidemic prevention barriers as soon as possible.