Guangxi: the man goes to girlfriend’s house for the first time, dozens of children are waiting for a red envelope: I go to all hands shake

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After thousands of turns, the old man will stay, go or not go, and he will be there.In this open society, everything is free, love is free, marriage is free.For young people, are their own talk, when the time is ripe, they will meet their parents, talk about marriage.Both boys and girls are very nervous to meet each other’s parents for the first time, for fear of leaving a bad impression on each other, which is not conducive to their relationship.Boys may spend more money to go to girls’ homes, but if girls have many children, red envelopes are indispensable.Recently, netizens broke the news that a man went to his girlfriend’s house for the first time, came to greet the man too many people, the scene like reception leaders, the man was scared at a loss.Even if it’s just the girl’s family, let alone a bunch of people, it’s a little awkward and embarrassed.It was really frightening to see so many people greet you.On February 8, a man went to his girlfriend’s house for the first time. He thought he could only see her parents. But when he got to his house, he suddenly found a lot of people staring at him and were afraid to get out of the car.When I asked my girlfriend, I found out that they were all their relatives. There were dozens of adults and children.Some took photos with mobile phones, some pointed out jokes to each other, while the children jumped up and down laughing.This scared the man did not dare to get off, but has come to this point, dare not get off also have to get off, can only brave scalp to get off.Finally, according to the local customs, the boy gave each child a red envelope. Although the amount was not too much, it was a lot.I saw children lined up waiting for the man to send a red envelope, adults are standing next to the man talking and laughing.One netizen joked: “My hands shook and my wallet started to jump when I saw this scene. In fact, it was to collect money, mistakenly thinking it was to welcome me.”Each local customs may be different, many places are not married, it is not necessary to give children lucky money.Children are given money only after marriage and the two families become official relatives.Of course, rich people, in order to gain a good reputation, in order to make a good impression, even if they do not want to, they have to break their teeth to swallow.Personally, I think it’s ok to do as the Romans do, but there are so many people and it’s the first time for boys to come here and give so many red envelopes. It’s really a bit inappropriate.Nobody knows if they can get married in the future.You don’t understand what this place does, but you have to respect it.The red envelope is only a greeting gift, which is light and heavy. Even if the amount is not large, it shows the man’s intention.What do you have to say about it?Feel free to leave your opinion.