Hefei Baohe: Cutting-edge technology is no longer “cold”

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“It doesn’t look like there is anything in front of me, but it is a virtual desktop. As long as you wear a device and use a cloud computer, you can work encrypted anytime and anywhere.”In the “Quantum Science Popularization Scene Experience Center” located in yungu Innovation Park, Tong Yingwei, chairman of Anhui Yunxi Technology Co., LTD., wearing AR glasses and smart gloves with implanted chips, is demonstrating “quantum safe Office” by tapping into the air.Quantum technology is called the cutting-edge technology of the 21st century.”In our experience center, citizens can intuitively feel the mystery of the quantum world through small games such as’ Schrodinger’s Cat ‘, quantum entanglement, and ‘Selection Box’ of quantum random numbers.”Tong Yingwei introduced.Yunxi Technology, incubated from the Institute of Advanced Research of UNIVERSITY of Science and Technology of China, is mainly engaged in the transformation of scientific research achievements of quantum security technology.In 2020, the team released scientific and technological innovation achievements in Anhui Innovation Hall.At the beginning of this year, the team built a “quantum technology application window” in Yungu Innovation Park.Anhui science and technology market Yungu one-stop service center.The propaganda department of Baohe District Committee provides the plan of “front shop and back square”, an old traditional business model.In line with The Times, Anhui Innovation Hall located in Baohe river has become the “front shop”, while Yungu Innovation Park has become the “back square”, forming a closed-loop system of local trading, transformation and application of scientific and technological achievements.Among them, as the first achievement industrialization base in Anhui Science and technology big market, Yungu Innovation Park is operated by Anhui Science and Technology Big Market Construction and Operation Company. The goal is to build an achievement transformation complex with “professional science and technology services + headquarters RESEARCH and development base + online and offline incubation + science and technology financial support + scientific and technological achievements application demonstration” as the core.To build a national demonstration zone for the transfer and application of scientific and technological achievements with Hefei characteristics.Brain nerve perception and experience Center in the park.Baohe District Party Committee propaganda Department for the map side is to turn the research in the laboratory into products needed by enterprises, to the market for display and marketing;One side is innovation and popular science, for the public and the majority of young people to build a scientific platform……Stroll in the garden of the province’s first cloud valley innovation ai street – cloud street, in addition to “quantum science scene experience center”, “interactive imaging city hall” air “brain god know perception experience center” to “artificial intelligence experience shops along the street around”, focusing on the unmanned, open hole 3 d and so on more than 20 application of scientific and technological achievements.In the world of new technology and a better life, not far from the province’s first unmanned smart hotel, scientific and technical talents exclusive Leye talent apartment, digital incubation community can accommodate more than 30 entrepreneurial teams at the same time, close to each other.According to the plan, the park, which covers an area of nearly 500,000 square meters, will also provide scientists, entrepreneurs and investors with a full-chain ecological service system of “science and innovation + finance + talent + services” centering on artificial intelligence, big data, blockchain and cloud computing, and promote the deep integration of industry, education and research in the region.Construction of high-tech industrial agglomeration area with the new generation of information technology as the main technology field.January 24, Yungu Innovation Park, Anhui science and technology market scientific and technological achievements industrialization base was unveiled.On the same day, 16 projects including Sitech national “5G+ Digital Economy Innovation Center”, NASTAR RESEARCH and development and regional headquarters, Aufi Fertilizer RESEARCH and development Center signed contracts to settle in Yungu Innovation Park.Six scientific and technological achievements were successfully signed, including the development of a comprehensive application system for networked fine control and control of regional atmospheric environment and high-precision ultra-fast pulsed laser micro-nano equipment.Sitting on the high-speed train in 2022, you can see the Yungu Innovation Park, which is also the epitome of “Innovation Baohe”.Take the initiative to integrate into the Yangtze River Delta integrated scientific and technological achievements transformation system, and concentrate on building a demonstration area for scientific and technological achievements exchange, trade, transformation and application. At present, Baohe District is actively docking with the “experimental field”, taking advantage of the “big market”, and becoming a solid “application field”, led by the construction of Binhu Kechuang Bay.Strive to cultivate more than 600 high-tech enterprises at the end of the “14th Five-Year Plan”, the registered amount of technology contracts more than 30 billion yuan, create a “foreign incubation, Baohe transformation” resounding brand.(Hu Yusong wang Yanran)