OPPO Find X5Pro breguet edition some news

2022-07-05 0 By

The OPPO Find X5Pro will definitely come in Phecda, of course many people know that, but it seems that the biggest surprise of this phone is battery life?Just now news, phegda 9000 processor appears to use mobile phones can life better, but the performance is not necessarily good with Xiao dragon eight processors, this looks mediatek and oppo joint training of this processor, then the processor will eventually play to still need to pay attention to the performance of, after all, should be the first to use phegda 9000 processor products,But this series of life may be better, but I didn’t use the mariana npu, this could be a pity, as to the design idea, can only say that still can, but can’t say a lot of people can accept, after all the camera arrangement way of thinking is very unique, but another, camera part of the feeling is too irregular, although this year’s oneness or good,Then look at the performance of the Breguet 9000 processor, as long as the power consumption is better than snapdragon 8, is a victory, to be honest, snapdragon 8 processor may not be as good as snapdragon 870 performance this year.There is a gap in actual performance.