Wuhan donkey accidentally fell 100 meters cliff, Yellowstone multi-department joint efforts to rescue

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On March 28 at 19:34, huangshi development Zone, Taizi town, Tieshan District, son mountain elevation 791 meters mountaineering trail occurred a cliff accident.A woman in the scenic spot rock rope adventure accidentally fell into the 100 meters deep cliff, development zone · Tie Shan fire, taizi Town fire rescue station, eagle rescue team, blue sky rescue team and militia, public security quickly dispatched, after more than 10 hours of rescue, successfully rescued the trapped people.March 28, wuhan, a group of 12 people came to prince Prince town son Mountain network celebrity attractions experience rope adventure project, a woman accidentally fell more than 100 meters deep cliff, companion tried to rescue, but also lost, desperate teammates call the police for help.After receiving the call from the command center, the fire rescue station of Baihua Road of Development Zone · Tieshan District rushed to the Father-son Mountain scenic spot.At the same time, eagle rescue team, blue sky rescue team and militia and other departments have also rushed to the father and son mountain to search for the remaining 11 teammates trapped.However, the site of the accident is the top of Father and Son Mountain, surrounded by steep cliffs, vehicles can not drive.Weak network signals in the valley made it impossible to pinpoint the location of trapped people, and the vertical distance made it impossible for rescuers to descend directly from the walkway.Firefighters and police on the scene after a short consultation, decided to split another road for rescue.But the new problem is that in the mountains of Father and Son, there are bushes, thorns, cliffs and steep slopes, and rescue work is very dangerous and difficult.In order to reach the trapped people fall as soon as possible, more than 40 rescue workers, after more than six hours with feet to step out of a “life channel.”At about 1:30 a.m. on March 29, rescuers finally found the victims in the trees and leaves of the valley.But by this time, he was unable to move, suffered severe damage to his legs and brain, and fell into a coma.Pulled by safety ropes, rescuers carried stretchers as they trudged down the steep valley.The mountain is steep and precipitous, and it is very difficult for firefighters to move forward. They try to find solid stones on the cliffs as a foothold, so as to avoid stones falling to the trapped people bring second harm.About two and a half hours later, the rescue workers successfully transported the trapped people to the ground, and handed over to the scene of medical staff to hospital treatment, the other 11 people were also led by the rescue workers at about 6 am safety down the mountain.Fire department reminds outdoor sports enthusiasts, outdoor adventure has a high risk, for the consideration of their own safety, do not rush to the mountains, not to venture into the open or undeveloped mountain area.