Fans in Qianxi have been obsessed with shadow puppetry for 60 years

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China News Hebei News on February 8(CAI Xinying baiyun water) “the students look, in front of the snow, ice peak forest, the mountains that roads to the sky on the crowd rapid sliding, jumping and turning, swarms around the chase is what?”Li Wenze, a folk artist in Qianxi, Hebei province, sang with his old friends in his courtyard on April 8.To celebrate the opening of the Winter Olympics, Li wenze carefully carved and specially arranged the original shadow play “Tang Seng and his Disciples welcome the Winter Olympics”, which is very popular among the villagers.Li Wenze is 76 years old this year, qianxi County donghuangyu town Donghuangyu village people, is a retired teacher.Li Wenze has been a “movie fan” since childhood. Whenever he heard that shadow puppetry would be performed in the village, he would always run to the front of the screen to listen and revel in the melodious and ancient singing.Li Wenze and a shadow puppeteer perform a shadow play.”There was an air-raid shelter near our village. When I was a child, my friends and I often went there to sing and take pictures, using candles for lighting and using paper to imitate the singers on the stage.”Li Wenze recalled with excitement.At the age of 26, Li Wenze studied shadow puppetry carving from xie Hanwen, an old artist in Zunhua. With dedication and love for shadow puppetry art, he took the initiative to lead the local shadow puppetry performance, organizing artists to perform every year, festival and special festivals.”In the underdeveloped era of film and TELEVISION, there were no entertainment activities in rural areas. When people got married, celebrated their birthdays, gave birth to children, and held festivals and festivals, shadow puppetry troupes would be organized by their families for three days. Once, we put on 12 performances in a succession.”Speaking of the shadow play’s glory days, Li wenze’s eyes and expression show pride.Li wenze still keeps a collection of more than 500 donkey skin makers, objects and scenes dating back more than 50 years in his home. In his old age, he still keeps the habit of carving movie figures every day.Li Wenze, a 76-year-old folk artist in Qianxi, still keeps the habit of carving shadow puppets every day.”Shadow play has been with me for 63 years since I was introduced to it at the age of 13.With the change of times, the inheritance and development of shadow puppetry has suffered a low point, but I have never stopped my love for shadow puppetry. I have been encouraging my younger generation to learn more about shadow puppetry and get closer to it for many years.”Li wenze said.At present, Li Wenze has a well-preserved shadow studio in his home. Every year and festival, he would invite his friends to play and sing in his home. According to li wenze, “I have never left shadow puppetry in my life, and it has become an indispensable part of my life.”It is reported that Tangshan shadow puppetry is one of the most influential types of shadow puppetry in China, and is deeply loved by the local and Beijing, Tianjin, northeast China, Inner Mongolia and even foreign shadow puppetry fans.Source: Huanbo News network