Look out! All kinds of food in the anti-cancer kitchen

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Article | outlook weekly news magazine reporter Wang shuo lee Li Jiana on December 14, 2021, guang-bing zhang (right) in patients with Shared kitchen and to cook family communication Li Anshe/this newspaper is left in the kitchen behind each wisp of fireworks, is likely to be a story of life left here are mostly the family of cook a meal, they come here,Is to help sick people familiar with the smell of the bite is left in the kitchen, the three partners witness to cancer patients every day of joy and grief, concluded emotion between each other through the kitchen and they had to do other industry is never experience left I’m not curious, afraid she can’t afford that one story has “seen too many sick people,There are strange strange disease, will feel good alive, can help others to help.I don’t have much skill. I can do a little help.””Life and death are important things in life, and so is eating.”Zhang Guangbing, who has experienced his father’s illness, knows that it is not easy to have a meal when seeking medical treatment in other places.After graduating from college in 2014, Zhang opened a shared kitchen in a wet market near the Chest Hospital in Henan Province to provide a place for patients and their families to cook.In the vegetable market that hides the world 100 flavor in this, Zhang Guangbing met the King that helps cancer patient and family member nutrition eat generation to process in own grain and oil store to overcome, with the Wei Xingjiang that takes daughter-in-law to do chemotherapy.In July 2020, when the market was demolished, the three of them jointly opened a shared kitchen, which continued to provide cooking space, water and electricity, condiments and so on for patients and their families seeking treatment in nearby hospitals. They only charged a fee of 5 yuan for cooking a dish and 10 yuan for steeping a pot of soup.The kitchen is sandwiched between the people’s Hospital of Henan Province, the Chest Hospital of Henan Province and the Tumor Hospital of Henan Province. Almost all the people who cook here are escorts or patients from the three nearby hospitals.When asked what the disease is, nine times out of ten it’s cancer.Therefore, it is also known as the “Cancer kitchen”.Every meal time, the 120-square-meter shared kitchen is filled with the smell of food and fireworks.They kept their stories of fighting against cancer in their hearts and quietly focused on washing vegetables, cutting vegetables, frying vegetables and stewing soup, paying attention to the heat and taste of the food.People who come here believe that only when they eat well can they get better.At 5:12 PM, as the city is enveloped in pre-dawn darkness, Zhang Guangbing has arrived at the shared kitchen on Dongming Road, Zhengzhou.The shared kitchen is small, with 50 induction cookers, POTS and pans, oil, salt, sauces and vinegar neatly placed on the hearth.Weighing rice, boiling water, washing rice, cooking porridge, Zhang Guangbing busy, “do breakfast people will soon arrive, we have to hurriedly send porridge boiled.”He has been doing this routine every day for eight years, even during the winter months and Chinese New Year holidays.This small kitchen, close to three hospitals, has solved the problem of eating for many patients and their families.At 5:46, the first patient’s family came into the kitchen to cook, said a simple hello to Zhang guangbing, and began to cook noodles in vegetable soup.”She is always the first to come and quietly makes a bowl of noodles. She doesn’t like to communicate with others.””Zhang Guangbing whispered.At 6:30, the kitchen is getting crowded.”Bursts……”Chopped scallions, eggs in the pan, burst out a rich fragrance.Add water, bottom, seasoning…A bowl of delicious noodles made my mouth water.”Because my mother-in-law is suffering from intestinal disease, she is very particular about the requirements of food, and she makes it clean here.”Mr Gao, from Zhoukou, Henan Province, discovered the kitchen by chance and started cooking for his ailing mother-in-law.At 10:22, busy after the morning rush hour, members of the shared kitchen spread a pot of green onion pancakes as breakfast of the day, while eating greeting patients and their families.”It’s like this every day. Sometimes there are too many people and there is no breakfast.”Zhang Guangbing’s mother cheerfully said, let everyone eat a good meal is the main thing.At first, the shared kitchen provided only salt, but as families demanded more and more, they prepared more and more materials.”Some patients can only eat liquid food, so we have a wall-breaking machine,” Zhang said. “Some patients need to boil medicine, and we also buy a Chinese medicine pot.”You enter the shared kitchen, where vegetables and dry goods are sold, and further inside, the main stir-frying and soup-stewing areas. More than 50 induction cookers are lined on the left and right, with cooking oil and condiments on shelves above the cookers.The innermost part of the kitchen is the area for washing and preparing vegetables.People keep coming into the kitchen with their lunch boxes and prepared ingredients, choosing a pot, finding an induction cooker and cooking.In the food preparation area, the sound of knife and chopping board contact can be heard incessantly, while in the cooking area, the oil is soaked in water and the pot crackles, and in the stew area, the pressure cooker gives off steam…People of different ages and styles focus on the task at hand, such as stewing a bean curd soup with crucian carp, stir-frying shredded pork, or simply making a bowl of vegetable noodles.Midday, the shared kitchen lively, with the sound of POTS and pans colliding, thick food aroma filled the whole kitchen.Most of the cooking is done by the families of sick people, who come here to give the sick a familiar bite.They want the patient to have a good meal, even if they economize. In their mind, a good appetite means recovery is not far away.His wife, who is suffering from leukaemia, has just taken the medicine these days and does not want to eat much, so The 67-year-old aunt Wang has changed her ways to cook for him.There are eggs and shredded radish in the pot, which Aunt Wang’s wife likes to eat.”Seeing a doctor costs a lot of money, come here to cook a meal enough for both of us to eat.””We live far away from home,” Wang said, looking at the pot. “The children have to work, so I can take care of him alone. Cooking here is cheap and gives him a taste of home.”A woman in a rose coat was looking intently at the dishes in her pot. She learned from her wife’s patient friend that she could cook by herself here. Every day, she would come to the shared kitchen on time for three meals and bring them back to her husband.She said, “Eight courses of chemotherapy, it’s just the beginning, and we’re still here for a long time.My biggest worry is that if the kitchen doesn’t open, we’ll have to spend the New Year in the hospital.””We work 365 days a year,” Zhang said in response to the concerns of patients and their families.As he answered, he made his way through the crowd with two flapping fish, scaling and dissecting them in the sink with deft dexterity.Some people don’t know how to cook, and they want to provide nutrition for their families, so They volunteer to help cook.”I didn’t know how to do it before. I learned it little by little over the years running a kitchen.”Zhang Guangbing showed a shy smile and helped others with a fish.There are many restaurants near the hospital, but the shared kitchen has a distinctive feature — it offers space and utensils, condiments, stir-fries and soups, and you can bring your own ingredients.People who can’t cook will be processed in the store.The three partners who come to the shared kitchen have different stories behind them, and the three partners who share the kitchen also have different experiences.The three partners, Wang Shengsheng, Wei Xingjiang and Zhang Guangbing, originally opened small shops in the nearby vegetable market, providing patients and their families with nutritious meal processing, as well as POTS and pans, spices and venues.After graduating from college, Zhang Guangbing, who was born in the 1990s, came up with the idea of opening a cooking place near the hospital because he took care of his father who was ill. “I didn’t know that I wanted to start a business at first, but eventually I became a public welfare worker.”Wang Beat a grain store, many people come to borrow fire cooking, then, grain store “forced” transformation into a kitchen.Wei xingjiang, whose wife had suffered from cancer, decided to help more people after seeing her get better with meticulous care.After the market was demolished, Zhang guangbing wanted to return to a “normal” life.”At that time, I thought that the shared kitchen would work 365 days a year, even if I could have one day off a week. It happened to be the demolition of the vegetable market, so I took the opportunity to find a new job.”Zhang guangbing said.However, after the kitchen closed, relatives of patients who had nowhere to go contacted him by phone and asked when the kitchen would open. Zhang didn’t have the heart to tell them what he really thought, so he pretended he was looking for a new store.”When I thought about it, I had to do what I didn’t do.”So, after many twists and turns, he found his present position.After changing the location, the rent increased more than twice. One person was under too much pressure, so the three people all wanted to do something meaningful. After discussion, they joined hands to do it, named shared kitchen.Families of the three partners help out in the shop because they can’t afford staff.We are responsible for the normal operation of the kitchen, helping to process food, cleaning, stocking, washing POTS and dishes…Busy when all sweat, feet do not touch the ground.”I never ask about their illness when CHATTING, for fear of increasing their psychological burden and for fear that I can’t bear it myself.”Zhang guangbing said, and this group of special customers often deal with many years, the three partners have a lot of feelings.In this kitchen, they witness the joy and sorrow of cancer patients every day, and they bond emotions with each other through the kitchen, which they have never experienced in other industries before.Zhang guangbing always remembers the earthen eggs sent by a young couple.At that time, he still opened a shop in the vegetable market. A young couple showed their children leukemia and found him to cook here, asking if they could pay the debt first.”I knew they were really in trouble, so I said ok, and then they cooked for free for more than two weeks.Not long after that, they came to Zhengzhou and brought eggs from their hometown to thank them. I was touched.”Zhang guangbing said.In the face of disease, people’s fate is unpredictable.”There was a guy who came to cook every day, and he was very punctual.Then one day he didn’t show up after dinner, so I thought he was out of the hospital and didn’t think much about it.Later, I heard from other cooks that they were gone the night before and pulled back to their hometown overnight.””In the kitchen, all I talk to them about is cooking,” Mr. Zhang said with a sigh. “I’m afraid I can’t bear the story after story.When I first opened the kitchen, HEARING these stories of joys and sorrows, I often couldn’t sleep at night. When I closed my eyes, I saw their familiar faces in the kitchen.”In 8 years, I do not know how many times, Zhang Guangbing looked at the familiar face no longer appeared in the kitchen, maybe ill, maybe lost, he had more than once in the night collapsed and cried.”Seeing too many sick people and strange diseases, I think it is good to be alive and I want to help others if I can.I don’t have much skill. I can do a little help.”Behind every puff of fireworks in the kitchen, says Zhang, is a story about life.When it comes to the feeling of doing this, Wei Xingjiang, Wang Shengsheng and Zhang Guangbing mentioned at the same time that the most happy thing is to hear customers say that they are well, they want to go home and will not cook any more.Fireworks in the kitchen, fireworks in the world.Such a shared kitchen opened near the hospital has brought temporary warmth and comfort to many cancer patients and their families.Zhang recalled that after the shared kitchen attracted attention online, some photographers came to the store to shoot videos and uploaded them to the Internet, which attracted many caring people and media to visit, and the shared kitchen attracted wide attention.On the network, the voice of appreciation is in the majority, think that the kitchen of this kind of form satisfies the intention that patient’s family member makes meal to family member, give those opposite condition is not particularly good field patient especially, provided convenience.However, there are voices that the price of a shared kitchen is a little too high, such as 5 yuan for stir-fry and 10 yuan for stew.”In fact, so far our income is barely keeping up with our expenses.Prices have been going up for years, and I was thinking about a price increase of one or two, but I gave up at the last minute because some patients can’t even afford five yuan for a meal.”Since moving to the new site, Mr. Zhang said, rent, utilities and electricity have increased several times, and when that is combined with free condiments such as oil, salt, sauces and vinegar, as well as other wastage, “it’s hard to calculate the cost.””When I started my business, I even imagined that I would open many branches, one near every hospital in the country.””Now, I just want to keep the store going,” zhang said with a smile.”This too will pass.”Zhang guangbing said that this “career for the rest of my life”, they do so diligently and sincerely, which is not only their own and their loved ones, but also to help others.It gets dark early in the winter, after nine o ‘clock, and almost no one comes to cook.After a mop of 84 disinfectant, the finishing touches are finally done in the kitchen.Turning off the lights and locking the door, Zhang Guangbing set foot on his way home in the midst of thousands of lights.Tomorrow is another day.