The “cholesterol list” of the top ten published, chicken yolk ranked fifth, the top five times about it

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Guide language: cholesterol is the indispensable material in the body, but content exceeds bid to cause 3 tall problem easily, the body can oneself produce cholesterol, occupy a small part only, most is to be in food intake inside body.Cholesterol is required to participate in the formation of cell membranes in the human body, which helps repair liver wall cells, supply energy needed by the liver, and play a role in gastrointestinal digestion and absorption.Cholesterol can also be seen in the synthesis of cholic acid in the body, which can play a metabolic maintenance effect in the body.The human body cannot operate without cholesterol, but high cholesterol level is easy to cause hyperlipidemia, improve the risk of atherosclerosis, gallstone thrombosis, and lead to life affected.Cholesterol is commonly contained in most meat, and is higher in animal offal, egg yolk, soft meat and fat.”Cholesterol list” top 10 announced, egg yolk in the 5th place, the top is about 5 times it 10, shellfish in the yolk component is more, can improve the brain memory function, improve logical thinking ability.But it is a kind of high cholesterol food, about 100 grams of cholesterol level can reach 205 milligrams, in life should be done in moderation.9, squid in roadside stalls can often see vendors make baked squid, this kind of food to eat more delicious, can supplement the body needed energy, improve digestive ability, accelerate gastrointestinal peristalsis, satisfy the appetite at the same time play a full effect.There are 268 milligrams of cholesterol level in 100 grams of squid, often eat can damage internal organs metabolism ability, obesity problem, we had better pull its into the blacklist in the process of reducing weight.8, pig kidney pig kidney is rich in nutrients, including amino acids, riboflavin, minerals, vitamin D, high-quality protein, appropriate consumption can enhance the permeability of blood vessels.Cholesterol levels in pig kidneys.About 100 grams contain 425 milligrams.And the content of heavy metals in pig kidney is high.Regular consumption is also easy to cause excessive heavy metal elements, resulting in increased pressure of liver and kidney operation.7, animal viscera many people who like to drink will point to a plate of animal viscera when drinking dishes, this kind of food contains more iron, which can help avoid iron deficiency anemia, improve the metabolic filtration ability of the kidney, and balance the internal environment.But this kind of food also has more cholesterol level, about 100 kerry cholesterol content is 470 mg, eating too much will raise blood vessel triglyceride and cholesterol content, affecting cardiovascular health.6, fish roe fish roe is rich in nutrients, is helpful for the development and growth of bones, amino acids can promote the secretion of nutrients, accelerate the activation of neurons in the brain, improve memory function, avoid osteoporosis and alzheimer’s disease.However, fish roe has a cholesterol level of 498 milligrams per 100 grams, so it should be consumed in moderation. Eat more fish.Egg yolk egg is a kind of high quality breakfast, rich in selenium, vitellotin, lecithin and high quality protein, help the body organ maintenance, promote the repair and regeneration of damaged liver cells, to achieve the role of clear liver and bright eyes.But egg yolks have a high cholesterol level, about 100 grams of cholesterol can reach 587 milligrams, eating too much can cause hyperlipidemia.Normal adults, a day can eat one or two eggs, three high problems, then relatively reduce intake, eat up to one, and eat less egg yolk.Shrimp meat is unique in taste. It is rich in nutrients and calcium, which helps the body to supplement calcium, amino acids and protein.The astaxanthin in shrimp meat can also play a role in beauty, help slow down the aging rate, for the maintenance of skin condition.But it’s also a high cholesterol food, with a cholesterol level of 1020 milligrams in about 100 kernels.3, sheep brain rearing brain lecithin content is more, can improve the brain nerve function, brain element original powder composition, can reduce the risk of bone and joint disease and osteoporosis, improve blood circulation, promote wound healing.Studies show that sheep brain has a cholesterol level of about 2670 milligrams per 100 grams, so avoid hyperlipidemia.There are many trace elements in the brain of cattle, including zinc, calcium, copper, iron, riboflavin and so on. Proper consumption can maintain bone and joint health and avoid osteoporosis.However, about 100 grams of this kind of food have cholesterol levels of up to 3000 milligrams. Excessive consumption of this kind of food affects blood circulation and increases blood concentration, which is prone to atherosclerosis and thrombosis problems.1, pig brain many people will eat pig brain, this food taste is quite special, can play a good tonic effect.Rich in B vitamins and a variety of micronutrients, it can synthesize neurotransmitters and brain neurons, supply the needed nutrients, improve memory function, reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease.However, pig brain is also a high cholesterol food, with a cholesterol level of 3,205 mg in about 100 grams, which is five times higher than egg yolk. People should avoid it for health reasons.Conclusion: Is there anything you like to eat in it?Might as well do not eat in life.Healthy New Year