Tongliang: bamboo toon buds tender as silk, taste the good taste of spring

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Toon bud, known as the vegetable on the tree.Spring in March, Tongliang district old county street Songping village of the Chinese toon trees have spit out tender buds, become the most spring vegetables.On March 15, in songping village, Jiuxian street, Tongliang district, rows and rows of tall toon trees grow in neat rows, with clusters of toon buds fluttering in the wind, red with green, fresh, delicate leaves, filling the air with the unique aroma of Chinese toon.Under the tree is the villagers busy figure, they back basket, shuttle under the Chinese toon tree, will be fresh, crisp and tender toon buds gently picked down, in a short time, picked full of basket.Tongliang district old county street Songping village villagers he Dakai while picking buds, said happily, he arrived at the base at 6:50 in the morning, “the air is good, there is dew, Chinese toon is fresh, the sun is big, the sun withered quality is poor, not good sales.”Toon bud is known as the vegetable on the tree, the picking period is only more than a month, because of its fresh and tender leaves and buds, unique fragrance, excellent taste, rich nutritional value, but limited by the small yield, popular in the market, become the popular goods in spring.Tongliang district old county street toon sprout planting owner Li Yinglong told reporters that the main selling point of toon is fresh, “we pick in the morning, at noon on the plane, transport to the coastal areas and South Korea, on the table in the evening, this kind of spring vegetables to eat is a fresh taste.”It is understood that in recent years, the streets around the old county TongLiang combined with local characteristics, adjust measures to local conditions to promote “copper alloy citrus industry area” basic construction, relying on the chili, vegetables, Chinese prickly ash, such as the agricultural industry, in 17 administrative villages jurisdiction, reasonably promote the rural land circulation, deepening rural reform pilot “three changes”, cultivate a new type of agricultural management main body,We will guide the transformation of traditional agriculture into modern agriculture, stimulate the vitality of rural revitalization, and make every effort to build beautiful old counties.Statement: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email, we will deal with it in time.Email address: